Building A Family In The Whirlwind of Entrepreneurship


I’ve often said, I imagine…

The only thing harder than being an entrepreneur is living with one.

Entrepreneurs, like artists, spend a lot of time in their heads. They’re constantly living in growth mode, looking toward what they’re building, leaning into risk, playing every role in the business and are often notoriously optimistic and vision-driven. You have to be to not only survive, but thrive in the crucible of building something from nothing.

All of this makes for a powerful, life-altering ride.

But what if you’re the person who is in a relationship with an entrepreneur? What if you’re the one trying to build a life-partnership, a family, a future with the mad-creator in the room? What if you’re looking to have kids and raise them with parents who are not just physically in the room, but emotionally present?

How do you compete with the all-consuming call of the entrepreneurial quest? Especially when that quest arises out of a deeper life calling?

These are all questions we explore with this week’s guest on Good Life Project™, Meg Cadoux Hirshberg. Meg is an Inc. magazine columnist and author of the Book For Better Or For Work. She’s also a mom of three kids and the wife of Gary Hirshberg, founder of the world’s largest organic yogurt producer, Stonyfield Farms.

Meg writes and speaks about what it’s like to be married to a quest-driven entrepreneur for nearly 30 years. To build a family when you’re starting with nothing and the family business takes 9 years to finally turn a profit. In this episode, we explore these questions and also look at what happens when multiple generations become involved not only in running but funding the business. And so much more.

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