A Fat That Makes You Thin [New Research].

As we head into this new year, full of hope and resolutions, the most popular goal is to lose weight and get fit. Optimizing your health and getting fit is a key element of filling your Vitality Bucket. And, it often includes eating better, moving your body and, wait for it, shedding fat.

But, here’s the thing. Over the last decade, research has revealed that all fat is not created equal. What fat cells, while serving certain necessary roles, are the ones we tend to fear. The ones that make up nearly all the fat in our body, store energy, make us larger, and often lead to inflammation and contribute to an array of metabolic disease.

Brown fat, though, does the exact opposite. It is like a caloric furnace, helps us get lean, better control glucose sensitivity and more. As babies, we have a ton of it. But, by the time we become grown-ups, there is very little left.

What if there was a way to increase the brown fat in your body as a way to turn up the furnace, lose weight and get healthier? What if you could actually turn your white fat brown? Turns out, you can! That’s was we’re talking about in today’s Good Life Update, which is a rare expanded Good Life Science deep-dive. And, as always, for those who want to go to the source, here’s a link to the full study we mentioned as the “leading edge” in this research.


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