Bronnie Ware: A Life Beyond Regret [Best of].

regrets of dyingIn November 2009, Bronnie Ware published a short essay entitled Regrets of the Dying. It revealed the top 5 regrets people had shared with her in the final days of their lives, when she worked in palliative care.

That short essay went massively viral, leading to an international bestselling book, The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, along with a frenzy of attention, travel and the start of a new career as a writer.

But, what about Bronnie? Who was this Australian artist turned banker turned palliative care-worker? What led her to do such soulful work, in a field so many others could never imagine embracing? What were the deeper drivers, hidden passions, big dreams and, also, profound and dark struggles? What happened to her after the global phenomenon took hold, shaking her existence in a powerful way, both for the better and for the worse? And, what is she up to now?

I asked Ware these questions and more when she came to the Good Life Project studios in NYC in 2015 during a monthlong trip from Australia. The conversation got very real and deeply truthful. She was incredibly generous with both her inner thoughts and beautiful lens on life.

I’m so excited to share this timeless “Best Of” episode with you now, as we reflect on the year that is winding down and explore how we want to create the year to come.

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