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One of our core values and beliefs here at Good Life project is that every human being, regardless of how they identify, love, practice, or live is endowed with dignity and worth, and is entitled to be treated through this lens. We also believe that every person can learn from any person, especially those who they perceive as being different from them. It’s a big part of the reason we’re always seeking to share a rich tapestry of voices on the podcast. The moment we close ourselves off to those we perceive as other, whether from fear, lack of knowledge or lived experience, we close ourselves off to a part of ourselves and of life that could have made our days so much richer. And, we shrink our worlds and lives along the way.

So, as we head into this year’s Trans Day of Visibility, we wanted to share a selection of moments, ideas and awakening from a few deeply-moving conversations we’ve had over the years with some incredible, big-hearted, and wise humans who also happen to identify as transgender, and have chosen to make it their life’s work to step into conversation with others to share their experience. Not just of being transgender, but also of moving through a world that often misunderstands, labels, and ostracizes on a level that leads to injustice, rising at times to violence and suffering. These conversations aren’t just about transgender life, though, they’re about life, the way we choose to relate to each other, hear and see each other, acknowledge our shared humanity, and choose to either expand our horizons and our lives, or contract both. So excited to share this Best Of episode featuring Imara Jones and Trystan Reese. 

You can find Imara Jones at: Website | Instagram | TransLash Podcast | Listen to Our Full-Length Convo with Imara

You can find Trystan Reese at: Website | Instagram | Listen to Our Full-Length Convo with Trystan

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