How One Doc “Biohacked” Her Hormones and Reclaimed Her Life

sarah2What if you weren’t just a statistic?

What if you were a single human being, with unique genes, biology, chemistry and needs? And what if the “generic” approach to “fixing” what ailed you didn’t work?

Over the last 10 years, there has been a groundswell around an idea known as biohacking. It’s about rejecting the notion that your best possible state is exactly the same as everyone else’s, owning the fact that you are one person with highly unique needs and optimizing everything from your health to your performance around what works best for you. Regardless of whether anyone else responds to something different.

Generic, broad-based, minimally-effective solutions are out. Running individual experiments that yield individual solutions and extraordinary outcomes is in.

Enter this week’s guest, physician-biohacker and author of The Hormone Cure, Sara Gottfried. Watching her health, mindset, sex-drive and relationships spiral downhill, she sought the advice of other doctors but became incredibly frustrated by the generic and ineffective “solutions” being proposed. So she decided to take things into her own hands. To start treating herself as an “n of 1” and hack her own system, with a deep focus on non-pharmaceutical ways to normalize and optimize her hormones.

That led not only to a profound change in Sara’s health, weight, ability and life, but a dramatic shift in the way she practiced medicine and sought to serve others.

We go deep into this journey and explore the intersection between medicine, biohacking, hormones and life in this week’s conversation.

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