Medicine 3.0: What Got Us Here Ain’t Gonna Get Us There

Functional MedicineIf the body is a whole, connected system, why does modern medicine so often treat it as a calamity of isolated causes, effects and symptoms?

A blend of hippie herbalist, science prodigy, bestselling author and Yale-trained physician, functional medicine doc, Aviva Romm, MD, sees medicine differently. She looks at each patient as a person, rather than a bundle of symptoms. A fully-integrated system where everything affects everything and the true remedies for pain, disease and unease often need to unfold as less of a tactical strike and more of a system-wide reset.

Romm is fast becoming a leading voice in a radically different approach to medicine. One that, by the way, is making tremendous strides in treating a growing list of  “diseases” and symptoms that mainstream medicine and traditional drug-based therapies struggle mightily with.

In this weeks’ episode, we dive deep into the frontier of medicine, covering everything from the microbiome (critters in your gut) to epigenetics and how the choices your grandparent’s made affect everything from your risk of disease to your state of mind.

We also explore Aviva’s fantastic person journey, growing up in New York, attending famed Bronx Science High, then heading into the worlds of herbs and midwifery before coming full-circle to train in and then become a leading voice in functional medicine.

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