Closets Are No Place to Live: Ash Beckham

Ash-H=HWhen you hear the phrase “coming out,” what do you think about?

For most people, it’s telling the world you’re gay. Truth is, we’ve all got closets. Deep thoughts, experiences, beliefs, often so painful they lay buried under piles of emotional laundry in the dark corner of our closets.

Thing is, holding these things back is a source of pain. You can push it away, deny it, but it’s always there. Until one day, the pain of keeping it hidden exceeds the pain of letting it out. And, so you do. That moment is hard. Really hard. And there’s no comparing your hard to someone else.

Ash Beckham knows this. She’s lived it. And now, she’s talking about it.

When Ash stepped onto the stage at TEDx Boulder last year, her intention was simple. Share her story. Talk about closets and comparisons. And how they can unlock or destroy our lives. Twelve minutes later, the audience rose to applaud and Ash thought that was that. Until a few weeks later when the video was posted and exploded online. Seems she’d touched a nerve. That talk is now one of the most watched TED talks of all time. And it’s thrust Ash into a global spotlight.

Now, we’re talking to her in this week’s episode of Good Life Project.

This episode is the fourth in our shift to our new audio podcast-driven media format. We’ll continue to post a video version over on youtube with a static image for a while, but please be sure to subscribe below and listen and subscribe on iTunes to make sure you never miss an episode.


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