Alex Jamieson & Bob Gower | How to Have Hard Conversations

Alexandra Jamieson & Bob Gower

Question – how do you talk to friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances about things that matter – hard things – in a way that leads to each person being seen, heard, acknowledged, and treated with dignity? How do you get to a resolution, and sidestep the hurt, the wounding, the rage, and reactivity? How do you have conversations, in work and life, that lead to genuine understanding and change, and leave you feeling respected and at-peace, even when you still disagree? That’s where we’re going in today’s conversation with Alexandra Jamieson & Bob Gower, partners in business and life and co-authors of Radical Alignment: How to Have Game-Changing Conversations That Will Transform Your Business and Your Life

Alexandra Jamieson is the bestselling author of five books, and co-creator / co-star of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me. She is a highly-sought-after success mentor and motivational guide for thousands and has made it her mission to empower women to create epic lives. Bob Gower is a New York-based consultant, writer, and speaker. He contributes to Inc. magazine, has lectured at Columbia University, NYU’s Stern School of Management, the Berlin School, and worked with leaders at Chanel, Ericsson, Ford, and GE to non-profits like New York Public Radio, the Studio Museum, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Learn more at: Radical Alignment website.


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