7 Ways to Find Calm | Kickstart 2023

So as we head into 2023, so many of us are feeling this uncomfortable blend of hope and possibility, but also caution and concern. And while there’s this sense of emergence, it’s also still coupled with a perpetual sense of groundlessness high stakes uncertainty. And I think we are all starting to realize that that new normal that we’d all been waiting for, where we get back to. And I think we’re all starting to realize that that new normal, the one we’ve all been waiting for, where you get to go back to a place of relative calm, it’s actually never happening. And the truth is, the old normal for so many, it was never a place of peace and ease, calm or grace. So what do we do with this when the circumstances of our lives, our relationships, our work, health, sense of security are perpetually in flux? Well, sure, some things we can control. So we step in and we exert whatever agency we have in those domains. But still, so much of life but still so much of life is and will remain a swirl. So how do we come back to a place of relative peace and ease, of relative inner calm, regardless of what the world delivers to our front doors? Our ability to do this is so central to the ability to live good lives and also to our ability to access a state of presence and grace and gratitude that lets us even notice what is good and true and nourishing, even when much around us remains hard or uncertain. So how do we cultivate a sense of calm, of grace and ease, both on demand when we need it, and in a more sustained way, even when the world around us seems to keep tugging it away? How do we reclaim control over our ability to access peace? That is what I’m talking about in this installment of your 2023 Kickstart series.

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