7 Ways to Find Calm (Even in a Storm)

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a near-magical ability to find yourself at peace, to dial in a state of calm, no matter what the circumstances around you?

The last few years have been tough. Perpetual groundlessness. High-stakes. Uncertainty. We tend to experience this as spin, anxiety, fear, doubt, unease, an inability to relax. Like calm packed up and left the building. Thing is, our ability to come back to a place of peace is so central to our ability to live good lives. And to also access the state of presence that allows us to notice what is good and true and nourishing, even when much around us is hard.

So, how do we access a state of calm, even when the world around us seems to keep ripping it away? In today’s episode, we dive into 7 powerful ideas, tools, and practices that can help guide you back to a place of calm abiding. And, at the end, I’m going to share a guided practice designed to bring you back to center. So, be sure to listen all the way, and you may want to tap the icon to save this episode so you can return to it whenever you want to drop into that peaceful place on-demand.

You can find the 1-page worksheet for today’s episode HERE.

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