Here are your Good Life Bucket scores (out of 100)


Vitality Bucket


Connection Bucket


Contribution Bucket

You now know what your Good Life Buckets look like - how full or empty each is.

Your scores may or may not delight you. Remember, this is incredibly powerful information. It is also just a snapshot in time. Meaning, it is entirely changeable.

DO NOT JUDGE! Or self-criticize.

This quiz is not about being perfect, and most people discovering their results have some eye-opening revelations about how their buckets look. You might be high on Connection but low on Contribution, and that's okay.

We’re all coming out of a season of profound disruption and re-evaluation. This is just a starting point.

What matters more than anything else is what you do FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD. Today can be your inciting incident in the story of a lifetime. One fueled by awakening, action-taking, and transformation.

And, we’re going to help with that. A lot.

Over the next 5-days, we’re going to share a specially-designed Good Life Reinvention series.

It’s designed to help you kickstart the process of filling your buckets, then keeping them bubbling over. For life.

So, keep an eye on your inbox, because over the next 5-days, we’ll be sharing some incredible, in-depth resources, teaching, tools and insights to start refilling your buckets, and coming back to life.

And, we’re going to engage all of your senses along the way!

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Final note: you did a really cool thing here. Just taking the small step to make a change is worth celebrating. So go make your favorite beverage and open your email, because we’re about to start changing your life!

Speak soon,

Your friends at Good Life Project

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