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Camp DIspatches

July 26, 2018

Camp is a matter of WEEKS away, which means it’s time for all the important logistics to make Camp run smooth and awesome.

Workshop Registration

We’ve been tempting you with these INCREDIBLE workshops and the time to sign up is finally here! We know it can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming, so here are a few bits of wisdom from our alumni campers to keep in mind as you register:

  1. You don’t have to sign up for a workshop in every spot. Swimming in the lake, napping in a hammock, hanging with new friends, or doing handstands in the grass is JUST as valid of a choice for your time as any of the workshops.
  2. Unless it’s a workshop with a material limit or space (like the mala making, self care with aromatherapy and SUP) we can usually add a person or two if you change your mind or wander into a different workshop while following a new friend, your nose, or your intuition.
  3. No matter what happens, you’ll end up in the PERFECT workshops at the PERFECT times. We promise. It’s part of the magic of Camp.

In a moment, I’ll share links where you can learn more about each workshop & then sign up. But first, below is an overview of the camp schedule:

Each day begins with optional meditation, yoga, movement, IntenSati and/or a morning guided run. If you’re an early-riser or interested in challenging yourself to become one during camp, feel free to join in. And, if that’s just not you, that’s totally fine, too. There’s a ton more to do all throughout the day (including just chilling under a tree with a good book or a great conversation). And, there will be more movement classes offered later in the day too.

After breakfast each day, we’ll all gather for our Morning Jam Session in the theater. Friday morning, we’ll hear from sought-after speaker, teacher and a best-selling author, Agapi Stassinopoulos who is pure, straight-up love and joy! On Saturday morning, Vedic Meditation teacher and author, Light Watkins will speak on happiness, mindfulness, inspiration, and meditation.On Sunday morning, Jonathan will bring it home with Finding Your Spark.

After the morning session each day, you’ll roll into workshops, activities and more.

On Friday we have 3 workshop blocks scheduled throughout the day with lots of great sessions for you to choose from. And on Saturday, we have 2 workshop blocks. Most workshops will be offered twice & just a few will be offered once (noted on the one page sheet below). Sunday is a shorter day, so we will have 1 workshop window in the morning.

To round out our evenings, we’ll have our “all-camp gatherings.” Thursday evening, there’s an all-camper welcome followed by bunk bonding time in the cabins and we’ll finish off the evening with smore’s and a sing-along by the bonfire. On Friday evening there are Campfire Talks featuring our rock star campers, followed by a super cool group activity. And, we have our unbelievable Talent Show on Saturday evening.

Oh, one more thing, Camp is a “FOMO-free” zone! (btw, FOMO = hipster way of saying fear of missing out). Sure, there’s a lot to do, but here’s the straight-up truth — the place you’re at, the people you’re learning and playing and walking and smiling and laughing with, the conversation you’re having, they’re all exactly where you’re meant to be at that moment in time. Just be present and enjoy the moment.

With that in mind, are you ready to register!? Yes, you are you jive mama jamas! Here’s the link to create your best summer yet.

Two steps…

1 – Check out the detailed workshop descriptions HERE

We’ve also made an easy visual one-page sheet for you of all the workshops so you can easily reference what’s happening when. (printer-friendly version here.)


2 – To register for the workshops, CLICK HERE and follow these simple steps:

You’ll see “Start Your Registration” on the right-hand side, where you’ll be prompted to enter your email address in the field provided (If you were with us last year, the system will recognize your email address and ask for your password, if you don’t remember it, just click forgot your password to get a new one).

Then, enter your first and last name. Press continue.

You’ll now see the full list of workshops, broken down by session. Click the “Details” link for a description of each workshop, and select one choice for each session. (Some workshops are capped due to the nature of the program. So, if you find your first selection is already full, try registering for another one for that session, and then select your first choice the next day.)  

Also, If you’d rather have free time during any of the scheduled sessions, simply skip the session and don’t select any of the workshops.

Once you’ve selected your desired schedule, click continue.

The next page is the checkout page. You’re almost done! Where you see your name, click the little symbol to the left of your name to view what you’ve chosen. You can also make any changes under ‘Actions’ on the right-hand side.

If you want to be able to come back to your registration to make changes, you’ll want to create a password so you have an account in the system. Otherwise, you can skip creating a password. If you choose not to create a password, please note that you must keep your confirmation e-mail as it will contain a link to access your registration.

If you are happy with your selections, click on the ‘FINISH’ button.

You’ll now see a page informing you that your “Registration is Complete”. There are fun options to add your chosen schedule to your calendar, print out your registration, etc.

You’ll also receive a confirmation email with your schedule. If you change your mind about some of your workshop choices prior to camp, simply click on the link in your confirmation email that allows you to review, change or update your registration.

Please register for your workshops by August 12, 2018, so we have enough time to print out your schedules to put them in your badge holders.


Campfire Talks

Thank you to everyone who submitted their topic! It’s now time for you to vote for what you want to hear! Click here to view the topics and vote. Voting will be open through Tuesday, July 31st.

To recap, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to showcase the brilliance of our campers and this year we’re rolling out a juicy new event inspired by our monthly Camp Jams. Instead of one of our usual keynote spots, we’ll be hosting Live Campfire Talks featuring campers as our speakers! Each talk will have 18 slides set to advance on autopilot every 18 seconds (total time – 5 mins, 24 seconds).  

And, if you aren’t selected to speak…the good news is, YOU’RE STILL AWESOME!


Buddy Requests

New campers! Would you like to connect with a returning camper before camp to ask questions, trade virtual hugs and have a familiar face waiting for you when you arrive?

Sign up for a buddy!

(Returning campers, you can still sign up to BE a buddy if you’d like to support our newbies!)


You’re the bee’s knees!


Stephanie, Lindsey & the Camp GLP team

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