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Camp DIspatches

August 18, 2018

Howdy camper!

Hope all is fab, we’re so excited to see you next week!

Last year, we introduced the idea of a theme for camp and, well, everyone seemed to dig it. So, we’re doing it again.

This year’s theme is…

Spark Your Life!

It’s all about embracing the invitation to move through life fueled by meaning and joy, alive with purpose, fully-expressed and in-flow. It’s about discovering and stepping into who you are, then bringing it to everything you do. It’s about living and giving from a place of truth. Your truth, nobody else’s.

We call this being sparked. Lit up. Alive. Tapped-in. Radiating joy.

Okay, so how do you play with this theme at camp?

JUST. BE. YOU! Nothing stifles your spark more than the weight of a facade. There’s no reason to be anyone but you. That’s not always easy to pull off “out there” in the real world. But, if you can start in the joyful, we-get-you community that is camp, it just might give you the confidence to let more of that person sneak into your everyday life.

Then, zoom the lens out a bit. Consider the things that made you come alive as a child, what activities, roles, experiences did you get lost in? What have you been doing when you’ve felt mostly yourself, fully-expressed and filled with joy? What are you doing when you are your best self? These prompts all offer hints into your essential nature, and how to bring it to the world in a way that fills you up.

We’ve actually been secretly developing a pretty cool new suite of tools to help you discover what sparks you, especially when it comes to the work you do in the world, starting with an assessment that’ll get you a lot closer to that essential nature pretty quickly.

We were hoping to have it all out of beta-testing before camp, but, as always happens when you build something new, stuff breaks and it takes time to get it right. As soon as it’s ready-to-go, as a thank you for being a part of our camp community, we’re going to send you a link, along with a code that’ll let you download a 98-page detail report on us. So, keep your eye on your inbox in the week or two following camp.

And, finally, on Sunday morning, Jonathan will be taking us all deeper into an exploration of meaning, purpose, work and elevation and share ideas on how to create, contribute and connect on a whole different level.

Oh, one last thing…

What rhymes with spark?


Okay, okay, so it doesn’t actually rhyme with it, but it’s close enough so when you think about bringing your spark to camp, we just might have a few ways to help you sparkle along the way.

And, if you’ve got ideas (mirrorball unitard, sparkly hair gel, etc), have fun with it!

With a whole lotta love & gratitude,

Jonathan, Stephanie & The Camp GLP Team