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Camp DIspatches

August 15, 2018

We are jumping up and down and can’t wait to play in just ….8 days!!!!!

We’re looking forward to welcoming you, whether you’re an alum camper or first timer. 
I wanted to take a minute to talk about something that’s come up, ohhhhhhhh, a bunch of times. It’s a question that goes something like, “will I fit in, feel comfortable, make friends and be included with others?”

Here’s the deal…

Any new experience or social setting can make the butterflies in our bellies swirl a bit. Even if you’re totally at ease and just plain massively jazzed, it’s also great to remember how some other campers might be feeling, so we can all offer each other a whole lotta love! This is one incredibly warm, welcoming, hug-fest of a community.

No matter where you come from – whether you’re a raging extrovert who loves meeting new people or a more sensitive type who moves into new experiences more cautiously, Camp GLP is a kind of magical experience where all are welcome, all are embraced. No need to pose or posture, just be real and you’ll be amazed at the depth of friendships that unfold in a remarkably short amount of time.

Can’t wait to see you at camp!

Let the Games Begin!

Camp Olympics is a classic summer camp tradition that will test your herculean strength, speed and flexibility. Just kidding! It’s pretty much a bunch of silly, fun games that anyone with a smile and a little camp spirit can join in.

Certain games will have 5-10 spots and others will include the entire team. So, there’ll be an opportunity for everyone to participate. And, hey, if you’d rather just hang on the sidelines and cheer your team on (or nap in your bunk), that’s totally cool, too. You make your own experience.

We’ve got four teams again this year: Red, Yellow, Blue & Purple. We’ve created a detailed scientific algorithm to analyze each of your skills and ability and superpowers (aka, total random draw) and assigned you to one of those four colors. That’s your team for Camp Olympics. You can see what team you’re on by clicking this Camp Olympic Team Roster. And, if you’re on a different team than your bestie, or a different team than last year, that’s kinda the whole point. It’s about shaking things up a little, meeting new people, having a blast and ohhhhh just maybe kicking your bestie’s bootie in the three-legged race.

For those who are new to camp, no need to worry about buying lots of colored apparel. Camp Olympics is a 90-minute activity at camp. So, you only wear your team color during this time. And, we will will have a sweatband with your team color for you to wear, but if you want to get into the spirit, you can bring something with your team color to wear.

If you don’t see your name on any team, don’t worry, it is just an oversight, please email [email protected] and we will quickly assign you.


Car: You can also drive to Camp! #roadtrip

Rideshare: If you want to make the drive with a friend, you can find folks to ride with (or to ride with you) on our rideshare form.

Charter Bus: Flying into either Newark or Laguardia airports? You can hop aboard our charter buses. If you’ve already booked the charter bus, we’ll be emailing out the info of where to meet and who to meet this week.

For LaGuardia, you have the option to purchase a spot on the charter bus TO CampFROM Camp, or Roundtrip.

And if you’re coming in to Newark, same thing. Hop aboard the charter bus TO CampFROM Camp, or Roundtrip.

Free Shuttle Bus Service

There are plenty of ways to get to camp via train or shortline bus. If you choose to take the train to Middletown, NY or the public bus to Monticello, NY, please let us know. There is no charge for the shuttles to & from the bus/train station to & from camp during these selected times on Thursday and Sunday: Complimentary Shuttle Bus Sign Up

Bring a picture of your face!

Please bring a physical, can hold in your hands, IRL, not digital, actually tangible, 2-D photograph of your gorgeous face. You’ll be using it as part of the bunk bonding activity the first night. A black and white printed out piece of paper with a picture you downloaded from Facebook would be PERFECT; though we won’t turn you away if you bring a glossy 8×10 glamour shot either. #workit

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more info this week, including the announcement of the Campfire Talks presenters.

If you’ve got any last minute questions, give us a holler at [email protected]. Otherwise, we will see you in 8 days!

Big hugs,

Stephanie & the Camp GLP Gang

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