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Camp DIspatches

March 18, 2018

Howdy campers!

We just crossed the “Camp is less than 6 months away” milestone. That might not be a holiday in your household, but for us it’s a big occasion!

That means we are starting to kick our planning into high gear. We are locking in speakers and workshop presenters. We’re plotting play time activities and scheming special surprises. We are pulling out camp swag from last year and imagining campfire smoke smells and the sound of guitar and 400 of our closest friends singing along.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from us over the next many months as we get closer to Camp GLP 2018 (aka the raddest summer of our lives). For now we just wanted to say…

We can’t wait to play with you this summer!!

And, if you want to join us in the camp ramp up excitement extravaganza, here’s a few ways you can get in the camp spirit starting now!

#1 Join us for monthly Camp Jams! Each month we gather together by Zoom video call to hang out, connect, play games, and laugh together. The next Camp Jam is Wednesday, March 21st at 8pm ET. Make sure to mark it on your calendar, they are so much fun!

#2 Bring your tribe with you! Got a brilliant bestie, special sweetheart, or favorite family member who you know would love to play with us this summer? Bring them along for the ride.

#3 Send us your BEST ideas. We are already starting to put together plans for camp, but we always love hearing suggestions for activities or ways to make camp Even More Awesome. We can’t promise we’ll have space to implement every idea (much as we’d love a unicorn powered rocket ship), but we’d love to hear what you’d love to experience!

#4 Do you even know how excited we are to see you??? Well, we are hitting a 10 on the zing-o-meter! Each year, we are blown away by everyone who shows up with such energy, kindness, love and willingness to support one another.

That’s all for now! We’re back to plotting welcome bags, giant art pieces and gluten free s’mores. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Big hugs,

Stephanie, Jonathan and the GLP Gang