Below you’ll find a list of resources referred to in the book. Some are links that will take you to other websites, others are downloadable PDF documents or mp3 audio files, like the guided meditations recorded by Jonathan. Over time, we may well add to these resources, so be sure to check back in on a regular basis.

60-Second Snapshot Worksheet (Downloadable PDF)

Snapshot360 Online Quiz: [This will be live by Friday, October 21st]

Guided Mindfulness Audio Practices: Feel free to play any one of these mp3 files or download and use them on whatever player you normally use on your desktop or mobile device. To download, hover over the player, then use whatever method is appropriate for your platform. We will be adding additional lengths and different types of guided practices over time, so be sure to check back.

Sleep Lab Resources: There are many qualified labs and practitioners around the world, so it would be nearly impossible to list even a small percentage here. We’ve shared a handful of the major centers below, many of which also have fantastic information on their websites.

Mindfulness-based therapy for insomnia (MBT-I). It combines many of the best practices of cognitive therapy for insomnia and mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Green Smoothie & Juice Recipes:

Resources / ideas for movement activities & online streaming:

Information in Understanding and Mastering Conversation

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