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Social Risks: When is it Worth It to Say Hello?

What happens when you take a social risk? Simple truth, we’re all wired for a certain level of human interaction. Some of us cannot get enough of other people. We’ll walk up to anyone, introduce ourselves, enter conversations and engage with just about anyone, even total strangers. It’s a bit like each new human is […]

Tiffany Dufu: What if the Power Move Was to Just Let Go?

When Tiffany Dufu left for summer camp as a teen, both parents dropped her off. Only one picked her up. She’d soon discover her parents had split while she’d been gone. Not long after, her mom’s boyfriend moved in and began to behave in ways Dufu, a self-described preacher’s daughter, had never been exposed to. […]

Reason and Passion

There’s this beautiful verse in Khalil Gibran’s book, The Prophet that speaks to the interplay between reason and passion. It reminds us that these two qualities, so often treated as opposing forces and even warring world-views, are actually essential and hopelessly co-mingled elements of a live well-lived. They each make the other possible. Gibran writes: For […]

Aviva Romm: Overcoming Survival Overdrive Syndrome

Today’s guest, Dr. Aviva Romm, has been referred to as “the face of natural medicine in the 21st century by Prevention Magazine.” She’s a Yale-trained, board-certified physician with a specialty in women’s health and obstetrics; a midwife and herbalist, and a founding member of the Yale Integrative Medicine Program’s Advisory Board. Dr. Romm practices medicine in New […]

Don’t Throw Good Money (or Love) After Bad.

You’ve heard the phrase, “don’t throw good money after bad?” It basically means, once you realize the thing you’ve invested in is not what you though it would be AND likely never will be, don’t keep putting new money into it just because of what you’ve already invested. Take your losses or your “sunk costs” (the […]

tim ferris

Tim Ferriss: The Story Beyond The Tools

Tim Ferriss is a man on a mission, driven to deconstruct mastery and excellence, then share what he’s learned. It began with his own relentless experimentation and documentation, which yielded #1 New York Times bestsellers The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef. In more recent years, though, this yearning has led him to sit […]

Are You Happy, Or Afraid?

“I’m good.” It’s a lie we often tell ourselves. Why? To avoid the fear and uncertainty that comes from owning the fact that things aren’t quite what we’d hoped. That we’re terrified of of leaving the comfort of a “passable,” yet mediocre existence in the name of embracing the pursuit of our own personal legend. […]

designing your life

Dave Evans: Designing Your Life

Today’s guest, Dave Evans, is a lecturer at the famed Stanford d.School a theological scholar and management consultant. He is also a man on a mission to explore what it means to spend time designing your life. As an early team-member at Apple, he led product marketing for the mouse and introduced laser printing to the […]

I’m Aware, and it’s Bumming Me Out. Now What?

In today’s GLP Riff, we’re sharing two powerful questions from one of our super-awesome podcast listeners. Turns out, we’ve received similar questions many times over the years, so we figured this’d be a great time to share a bit of a longer answer, along with a few stories and ideas. It’s all around the realization […]

marianne williamson

Marianne Williamson: Transforming the Illusion

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, activist and multi-time New York Times Best Selling author. She’s been teaching about A Course in Miracles for three decades, founded LA meals-on-wheels program for homebound people with AIDS, Project Angel Food in 1989, and serves on the Board of Directors of RESULTS, an organization on a mission to […]

Terri Cole: Real Love, Where It’s Hiding

Love. It’s one of the most important fillers of our Connection Buckets. But, then there’s this special “type,” some people call it “real love.” We got to wondering what that even means, and why so many people seem unable to “find and keep it.” So, we asked GLP friend, Terri Cole, licensed psychotherapist, meditation expert and founder […]

Claire Hoffman: A Journey Back to Life Transcendent

Abandoned by her alcoholic dad when she was five, out of cash and evicted from their NYC apartment, Claire Hoffman, her mom and seven-year-old brother found themselves dropped into a small town in Iowa. But, not just any old town, this was a sacred enclave, Heaven on Earth, established by Transcendental Meditation founder, Maharishi Mahesh. […]

The Truth About Luck [a 4-part formula]

Luck. It’s a source of envy, denial, opportunity, anger, frustration, creation and astonishing success. When it happens to us, we revel in it. When it happens to everyone but us, we lament it. It’s become vogue in the world of performance and popular psychology to say it does not exist. Luck, we are told, is […]

To Succeed at Anything, Do This.

Success is not just about knowing what to do. It is about doing it. All the information in the world, the best laid plans, the clearest, most-defined, measurable and attainable goals will not deliver the outcomes, results or resolutions you want. There is something missing. In order to succeed at anything worth the effort, you […]


Motivation: Why You Can’t Change the One You Love [Best of]

Ever try to help someone who had absolutely no interest in being helped? It’s one of the most frustrating experiences we can have. Maybe it’s a family member or partner. Maybe it’s a close friend or colleague. Or even a customer or client. So many times, we end up banging our heads against a wall […]



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Simon Sinek: Serve Those Who Serve Others [Best of]

On September 17, 2009, Simon Sinek stepped onto a small stage for a local gathering…and proceeded to blow away the world. The event was TEDx Puget Sound. He had no slides, no fancy presentation. Just an idea and an easel. For 18 minutes, he spoke about an awakening. Something he called “the golden circle,” and […]

Annoyed or Blessed? It’s a Matter of Choice

What if the “perceived imperfections, quirks or annoyances” that triggered you in other people were the very same things that, viewed differently, reminded you how blessed you were (and how great they were)? Today’s GLP Riff about a simple idea, a realization that so much of what bothers us in life is actually the very […]

Debbie Millman: Imagine Immensities [Best of]

Debbie Millman is a creative, design and storytelling force of nature. Millman was drawn into the world of news and print in her early twenties, cultivating an appetite for artful communication, storytelling and news. By her early thirties, though, life had dealt a series of challenges. In quick succession, she found herself without a job or […]

Finding God in the Grain

There’s something about working with your hands that changes you. Over the last generation, we’ve shifted largely to a “knowledge economy.” We value and compensate cognitive intelligence on a much higher scale than artistic, mechanical and physical intelligence. We elevate the importance of thoughts and ideas and diminish the role of hands and body and […]

Todd Herman: What Really Drives Elite Performance?

How did a kid who grew up on a farm in Alberta, Canada end up an elite performance coach to Olympic athletes and CEOs? This is the story of today’s guest, performance savant and founder The 90 Day Year, Todd Herman. Did Todd get an advanced degree? Nope. Did he write a bestselling book? Again, no. […]

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