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Immersion 2015

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Every year, we've had nearly 5 times more applicants than available spots and we review and accept people on a rolling basis. And, this year, nearly a quarter of the spots have already been taken by those on the early notification list. So, if you are interested, please, please, please do not wait to get your application in now (there's no obligation).

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Check out what some of our past attendees had to say!

Jadah Sellner //

“What I’ve learned from Jonathan and The Good Life Project has made a profound impact in my personal life and in my business.”

The holistic framework that Jonathan has created truly looks at the "whole" person in their life and business, and I’m so thankful I took the leap to invest in joining the GLP family in 2013.

In just one weekend immersion with Jonathan, I walked away with so much clarity and the perfect roadmap to help grow my business, cultivate meaningful relationships, deepen my authentic mission to serve, and truly enjoy the work I’m doing in the world with no regrets, hesitations or burnout.

What I could never put a price on is how many heart-centered people I’ve met and the opportunities that have been given to me since working with Jonathan. In just one year, I got to speak at two GLP events (RevU Live and Camp GLP), speak as a keynote speaker at World Domination Summit in front of 3,000 people, signed a book deal with a major publisher, and I’m now an internationally paid speaker.

This is all a direct result of my relationship and mentorship with Jonathan. Jonathan's personal entrepreneurial experience coupled with his dedication to his family, has not only been an inspiration to me, but has given me permission to dream bigger and shine brighter than I’ve ever imagined.

Mel Charbonneau

Cofounder of Fellow Flowers

“...with three little words, this program literally changed the course of my life.”

I had the drive, the passion and the idea, but I had not yet built an intentional foundation for these to grow and thrive. My life needed alignment - it needed the 'why' behind my work and values. When I wrote down 'Family, Freedom and Service' my life changed almost instantaneously. These three words have become my business plan and roadmap. I have written love stories around all three of them and have made them sacred in my heart, my home and my business.

And, ironically, in the last year since applying and going through this program, my business has grown 50% in revenue, I'm expecting my third child and I'm working on a personal website to hold and share my lifelong collection of poetry, writing and art.

Yup, with three little words, this program literally changed the course of my life.

It was mind blowing, reassuring and powerful. The universal value set was so evident, and I immediately felt like the armor I had been carrying for years could be put down. That is no easy task for me. I've always felt alone in various ways - either misunderstood, judged or considered crazy for the size of my dreams. 'Finding my tribe' was no joke - I truly did.

I don't think any words I write here will do justice to the gratitude I feel for these precious people. They were so 'all in' and committed it was almost surprising - 'do they really care this much? Is this just all for show?' I mean, this type of unconditional love and support doesn't exist... it can't be real! But it was - in every sense of the word.

Barry Solway

Tech innovator and Author

“I had no idea how completely and radically it would change the direction of my life.”

In early 2014, I received an email about something called The Good Life Project Immersion.  I thought "This could be interesting."  Once I read it, I immediately knew I had to apply.  I didn't think I would get in, but that didn't matter. I didn't think I could pay for it, but that also didn't matter.  Once I read that email, I knew this was where I belonged, where I needed to be. I had no choice but to try. I had no idea how completely and radically it would change the direction of my life.  

Coming out of a difficult year with many life changes, I held grief around actual and imagined failures. I struggled to manifest a new path forward.  The GLP Immersion expanded my horizons tenfold.  Jonathan Fields brings tremendous grounding, peace and clarity to every interaction.  The entire staff provided an intense but safe container to deeply explore myself, forge new relationships and discover a new path forward.  Every staff member offered a unique energy and lesson.  They all brought love, compassion, understanding and a fierce desire to see me succeed, to see me show up as my best self.  Whatever I needed in that moment, I found.  

The other members of the Immersion have become my best friends, my tribe. We have laughed, cried and loved each other through failures and successes over the entire year.  I finally felt myself soften and let go, safe to dig into my deepest fears and desires. To ask:  What do I want?  Who can I become? Can I really do this?

I came in wanting to start my own tech business, and I may still live that dream. But halfway through the immersion, I felt another calling.  To honor a path I had started on years before and embrace my identity as a writer, not as just a hobby, but as a critical part of who I am.  My passion is to allow kids to explore a larger world through fiction, impacting others with my writing the way I was impacted as a child and teenager by the authors I loved. Nine months after joining the program I self-published my first picture book, an event that wasn't remotely on my radar at the start of the year.  

All I can say is that the phrase "This could be interesting" has taken on a whole new meaning.  I can't recommend the Good Life Project Immersion highly enough.  When you are in the right place to make the changes this kind of program can manifest, you will feel it in your bones and your soul.  Many thanks to Jonathan and the rest of the GLP staff for all the gifts they have shared this year, the most important one being the gift of discovering who I am.

Celia Slater

Founder of True North Sports and Former Executive Director-NCAA Women Coaches Academy

“ of the best investments I have ever made in myself.”

In January 2014 I walked away from an organization that I had co-founded and the educational programs that I had co-created and loved tremendously.

It was a huge risk and a very difficult decision for me but one I knew I had to make because my job was no longer lighting me up. For the first time in 10 years, I was unhappy in my work. Then in February the email came through about the Good Life Project (GLP) Immersion Program and everything inside of me said, “YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!”

I am so glad I listened to that very wise inner mentor because the Immersion Program was the bridge that helped me travel through this difficult, challenging and very rewarding journey called life transition.

Not only did I learn all the skills necessary to build and launch an aligned business, I met people that have changed my life forever. Jonathan Fields is a special soul in the world of business. He is not only making a difference through his work at the Good Life Project, he is building and inspiring a TRIBE of people, like me, to do the same.

Recently, I successfully launched my new company, True North Sports, and I credit the GLP Immersion Program for helping me build the confidence necessary to follow my heart, create my vision and share it with the world.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a program that teaches you how to build a purpose driven business, that connects you to a supportive tribe of classmates and faculty, guided by an amazing visionary leader, then the GLP Immersion Program is the experience for you!  

If your heart is saying “GO FOR IT,” like mine did, I would listen! For me, it is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.

Talib Hussain

“Being apart of GLP immersion has taught me that the quality of life I live all depends on how well I take care of myself.”

The more full I am, the more I have to offer. Going into GLP Immersion my vitality bucket was very low….A list of changes and accomplishments since the immersion:

  • I am more comfortable sharing my voice

  • I am physically, mentally and spiritually healthier

  • I completely stopped smoking.

  • I am conscious of how I fuel my body (ZERO fast food visits since GLP)

  • Deeper connections with family

  • 263 Meditation sessions

  • Over 100 Yoga classes (Which includes some Spin as well)

I have realized that this business or at least the industry does not light me up. However, because there is more value in keeping it right now then selling it, I had to make some important decisions. Most importantly, I have stepped back from my business. For the most part it runs without me being involved in the day to day. I don't micro manage and more importantly I encourage my team to make decisions on their own. I learned that although there may be some things that I can do better, that for the most part, if you hire the right people, they will do it better then you ever could. This is something I observed and learned from Jonathan in the last 10 months. He haa an ability to bring incredible people on board and he places so much trust in them and allows them to flourish and be themselves.

The result? We are on track to equal last years numbers, and I go into the office only twice a week for a maximum of 10hrs per week. I work from home and in coffee shops or visit clients which I love and still have plenty of room for other areas in my life (i.e.: reading). I have spent an abundance of time filling my vitality and connection buckets with all the time wealth I've created for myself.

Now that I know this business can run without me participating in the day to day, I'm going to have fun building a Zappos style culture, building a sales team and designing an online marketing strategy none of which I will be doing alone.   

Laura Neff

Founder of Life Leadership Coaching, Co-Founder of Nourish Charlotte

“None of this freedom, relationship building, variety, and heart-centered work could have happened…”

One thing I used to love most about having a work life structured firmly around my value of "Freedom" was that I could fairly easily adjust my schedule to allow for travel that was intended to deepen relationships.

That flexibility vanished when I started a new company several years ago. Though its purpose and mission aligned with what’s important to me, I realized too late that the clamped-down lifestyle it dictated was misaligned, and it just about crushed my heart as the years started ticking by.

Through my work with Jonathan and the Immersion, I realized that too many of my deepest core values were being compromised by this company I loved so much. That led to a tough but necessary decision to sell my share of the business and focus my energy again on the work that brings me most alive in the world through a structure that lets me flex my wings every day.

Last evening, I got back from a 2.5 day trip in which I drove about 20 hours total, but it was some of the richest time I can remember spending in the past three years because I hopscotched from dear person to dear person, five stops in all!

Today, I spent the day in startup mode with three small businesses I'll be helping with their overall (internal & external) "communication architecture," which also allows me to map out a process for that, if it's something I decide I want to fold into my services going forward.

And tomorrow, I meet with two new coaching clients, supporting them in digging deeply into who they are and creating the lives they most want to be living.

None of this freedom, relationship building, variety, and heart-centered work could have happened had I not made the decision to sell my share of the company. And I honestly cannot imagine realizing that needed to happen and was possible had I not been offered a spot in the 2014 Immersion.

Being part of a tribe of upward-moving seekers and creators, with the primary foundation being about living a life of full integrity from the inside out, gave me no where to go but straight into my truths, which I'd done a great job of hiding from prior to!

So, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. From the bottom of my free and happy and being-of-service heart. :)

Christina Salerno

Founder of

“Now, I've been looking back at the year and I never knew this much love even existed.”

I have more true, deep and meaningful friendships that I can count. Everywhere I turn, I am inspired. The value of 40 of the most phenomenal people, who truly have my back, is hands down priceless.

It is so magical, so inconceivable, intangibly, epic... that I have trouble wrapping my brain around the concept of how life-changing this tribe has been and will be. Let alone try to bring this into words. I found true joy through waking up each day and being blown away by the gift of my life.

I found true love through the flooding of gratitude, inspiration, and heart-melting beauty everyone in the immersion gave to me. Just because the program has ended, doesn't mean this joy and love will end. As I have been collaborating with people from the immersion, it has only continued to grow and evolve. This tribe will forever remain in my heart.

Andrea Frank

“My life has been exponentially improved in every area of it.”

My family has benefitted for me having done work personally to improve my health and be mindful of how I am treating my body and aligning myself.

I have launched programs successfully, I am preparing to diversify my work as a coach/therapist to include speaking, writing and podcasting and have gotten the support from this community to do it ---all of it. When I look back on the past year, I can not believe my accomplishments.

This is a program for life and I have made fantastic connections that will propel me forward personally and professionally.

Evan La Ruffa

Founder & Executive Director of IPaintMyMind

“GLP Immersion 2014 is something I can't imagine not being a part of.”

For me, it was all about the realization that the various aspects of my life have to be in dialogue with each other. Not necessarily in balance, but in concert.

Jonathan & Stephanie have created something that values the individual as much as their incredible process of discovery, which makes the learning personal, eye-opening and catalytic.

I've been able to re-establish my sitting meditation practice, reconnect with vital pieces of my creativity, and focus on growing IPaintMyMind in fundamental & forward-thinking ways. I feel like a more aware, keen and creative version of myself.

Linda Buchner

President and Founder of

“JUST DO IT! And, don’t look back, because from that moment you will continue to skyrocket forward!”

“There has been enormous value in getting connected to a group of people, all trying to build a business, and who all want to help each other so much to succeed.  The immersion weekends were intense but hugely helpful in making those connections deep and raw and real. I now have a group of friends that is different from any other friend I’ve ever had, in any industry I’ve been involved in. We love and support each other, laugh, cry, celebrate, encourage, discourage, lift up, talk off the wall, etc., etc. We’ve covered it.

What was it like working with JF?

What a generous soul. Jonathan has always had the question in his voice and in his eyes, of “how can I help”.   His technique is varied and broad, at times making it seem like he’s figuring it out with you, at times giving you straight up advice, and at times making it all seem like it was your idea.  Plus, there’s always
an element of surprise and delight just under the surface that emerges and blossoms before your eyes.

Jonathan has introduced me to a new level of thought leaders and people like me(!) who have been successful in building something quite amazing. The people brought to the group in person were all incredible but the other
connections that Jonathan has made for me specifically have also been wonderful. There is a huge value to having a referral from Jonathan Fields!  Your call gets answered for one thing!

I never could have guessed anything like this would happen when I signed up, so of course, I’m over the moon about it!  There’s not a week that goes by that I don’t talk to at least one person over the phone, and of course, several over email – I am hopeful that the connection, although distant from each other, will remain strong in 2013.

JUST DO IT!  And, don’t look back, because from that moment you will continue to skyrocket forward!

Jennifer Boykin, Founder

“…allows my work and life to flow together with this gorgeous sense of ease and direction.”

”My business, Life After Tampons, was only 15 DAYS OLD when I met Jonathan and interviewed for the GLP Immersion Program.  Honestly, I didn’t think we were ready to invest or contribute at that level.  But Jonathan did.  Jonathan recognized and honored something in me and my community that I couldn’t see myself — Jonathan saw a movement.

The GLP experience is a subtle yet powerful infusion of strategic mojo tempered with soulful intent. You will be transformed by the GLP experience, even if you don’t think you need transforming. Your life and vision will take on new meaning, because Jonathan, his team, and your peers will lovingly nudge you to greater work than you thought possible.

Whatever you currently believe about about yourself, your vision, your project, and your gifts, I can assure you this — you are wrong. You are immensely more than any of that. Through the GLP experience, you will meet your truest grandest self, your fully emergent creative muse, and from that place of knowing, you will be able to create something you can’t begin to imagine today.

I’m soulfully strategic and Jonathan is strategically soulful.  I will ALWAYS have more ideas than years to manifest them. When you are a person who sees nothing but possibility in life, you need a coach who brings the discernment to your thinking and help you determine what to put aside and what to manifest.  Plus there’s this — while Jonathan can see and honor the “heart of the thing.” His business chops are incredibly honed and SPOT ON.  He provides the structure and strategy to your thrash.  What a relief!!

The GLP experience brought full alignment between how we live and what we do.  There is now incredible synergy in all areas of my life. This strategic cohesiveness allows my work and life to flow together with this gorgeous sense of ease and direction. And the best of it is this — because of my GLP experience, my project is ideally positioned to make an outlandishly big contribution to the world. I didn’t know what I didn’t know about the intersection between life and work and art before GLP. And now I do.”

Christoper Stepien, D.C.

Founder of Barefoot Rehabilitation and co-founder of Crossfit Heroes Journey

“Connecting with them = life-changing”

The camaraderie of a group of people trying to do BIG things in life is irreplaceable. I found myself wondering, “Where were these people before 2012?” Connecting with them = life-changing.

What was it like working with Jonathan? You take this extremely wise, humble, genuine, compassionate, respected, and soulful man and give him people who have an inkling that they want to change the world. And those peoples’ humble hearts sprout into fireworks.

I used to look up to professional football players because I wanted to be in the NFL. Over the past few years, I looked up to Jonathan Fields as one of my role models. And I got to live the dream and spend time with him. And because of him, I will change the world. Check that, I am changing the world.

If another person has an opportunity to take the life-changing chance at participating in GLP, remember that life is short and can be made infinitely richer if you decide to partake.”

Karen Friend Smith

Co-founder, The Kitchen Skinny

“It is invaluable to have the wisdom and perspective of a tribe that cares about you, your mission and your success. In today’s world, your chances of survival without that kind of support and collaboration are slim.”

“The biggest thing I got out of my GLP experience I could wrap up in the word ‘connection’. Connection with my true self. My mission. My perceived limitations. My possibilities. GLP opened a whole new world to me. It gave me access to experts with shared values and wide reach. And, to a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs who are changing the world. These relationships and connections will last a lifetime and are the very things I will attribute to my future success.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. And, it can be a lonely life. You often feel like an outlier. But forming these deep connections & having a mastermind team behind you can keep you moving faster so you don’t burn out before you take flight and so you don’t get lost along the way. They also help you see opportunity that you may have never thought of or seen for yourself.

Having a group like this served as a mirror for me – so I could really see the gap between what I was trying to create and what I was actually doing. It is invaluable to have the wisdom and perspective of a tribe that cares about you, your mission and your success. In today’s world, your chances of survival without that kind of support and collaboration are slim.

Working with Jonathan was an honor. You won’t find a mentor with more genuine love and commitment to you. He is a master of connection. Connecting ideas, people, values. He cuts through the fluff & helps you get to the core motivators of your target audience.

More importantly, he holds space for you – which is probably the biggest gift of this program. Building a business today requires that you test, ship, fail fast, experiment. Jonathan not only mirrors this in his own life, but he helps you move through those iterations in your business to fine-tune your path & get comfortable
with trusting yourself & skills so you can continue forward at the same pace even beyond your time in the program.

The best thing you can do for your business is to invest in yourself. You simply can’t put a price on creating the space to align your business to the life you truly want. And, to couple that with the wisdom & experience of like-minded entrepreneurs & mentors, makes being part of GLP not just a business investment for today, but a lasting investment with dividends for life. I am truly honored to have been part of this life-changing experience.”

Kelly Newsome

Principal, Ritual Care Company + Higher Ground Yoga

“Masterful vision of the exponential growth potential of a concept.”

”Jonathan has a ferocious ability to cut through the fear and impossibility of any idea, unearth the heart and authenticity of it, and put it on the table for a no-bullshit analysis into what can be grown from it, fresh. Masterful vision of the exponential growth potential of a concept, or its derivatives. If Idea A isn’t going to do it, he sees Idea M, when others might’ve stopped at E.

Every experience educated me about him, about me, about business, about leadership, about mindset, teaching, learning. As an advisor he offered guidance, but he also encouraged intuitive thinking and that really resonated with me…He also encouraged what we call in Buddhism the middle way, staying in that uncertain place between yes and no, right or wrong, that is ultimately one of the keys for the success of any project or any person.”

Mark Zmarzly

Founder & CEO, Hip Pocket

“I’m healthier and happier than I have ever been in my life and am attracting new opportunities and people into my life to take that journey further.”

“There aren’t many experiences in life that bring you intense learnings, laughter, friends, and both personal and professional insights. During the 2013 GLP Immersion Program, Jonathan took a group of 21 entrepreneurs, leaders, and free spirits and led us on an experience that brought all of that and more into our lives. It was a power like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

After looking back over the year-long program, it’s clear that it’s been the biggest, most powerful year for my own personal and business growth. I’m healthier and happier than I have ever been in my life and am attracting new opportunities and people into my life to take that journey further. GLP was the catalyst for all for all of that and the best money I’ve ever spent on myself! The best part is that I know this is just the beginning of a lifetime of friendship and support.

If I were to get married tomorrow, my best man would be from my GLP class. If I were to need help launching a new website, I’d have a team of people to lean on. If I needed help hiding the body of someone who talked trash about GLP, well, you get the idea. GLP is “hide the body” kind of friendship!”

Joshua Harbert

Copywriter and Founder of The Bright Army

“There’s something about being around people who operate on a higher level.”

“Before the Immersion started, I read the book Mastery by Robert Greene.
Powerful book for me. It laid out the path I wanted to pursue.
But at that point, I wasn’t sure what my craft was.
I wasn’t sure how I was going to find a mentor.
I wasn’t sure where I’d find the peers who would support me along the way.
Yet here I am. I know all of those now.

What an amazing group of people…
I appreciated the range of professions, backgrounds, and stages in life and business.
I don’t think it would have been the same if everyone was doing the same thing…
Or was facing the same challenges as I was….the tribe is one of my biggest takeaways from the year. There’s something about being around people who operate on a higher level.”

Marc Winn

Self Unemployed Husband, Father & Mischief Maker

“…it has been the most incredible immersive experiential education program that I have ever encountered in my life.”

“Jonathan has a breathtaking talent for curating self-sustaining groups and creating a safe environment for them to explore themselves to previously unreachable depths.

Before GLP, I was perceived by many to be successful yet on the inside I felt it was a very different story. GLP allowed me to rebuild the way that I interact with the world around me and in that create a whole new meaning of what success means to me. I have to say that it has been the most incredible immersive experiential education program that I have ever encountered in my life.

I feel happy and content these days and in my inner world that is something totally new. For the first time I am living the time of my life. And for that I have a huge amount to thank Jonathan and my fellow tribe members for.””

Eduardo Loria

“I think the value of the tribe is where the magic of this program is.”

“A community has been formed that will stand the test of time. Relationships will get stronger, friendships grow and there will always be a family ready to help and support. I came into this wanting to a part of a community of people that I felt I connected and belonged with and I have found just that and more, much more.”

Lisa Consiglio-Ryan

Founder of Wholehealth Designs

“The things that matter most in my life, my values, are now going well and many opportunities, amazing opportunities are opening up for me.”

A life changing personal event happened through all of this, me sitting and trusting the experience. It rocked my world and was disruptive, but with the support from the group and Jonathan in addition to the core program goals of alignment and living authentically, I am forever grateful for this experience. My family life is so much better, and I now can think…clearly and decisively, knowing that if you stay with the pain and fear, you will be open to living a good life even more. The things that matter most in my life, my values, are now going well and many opportunities, amazing opportunities are opening up for me. Such an amazing awakening that probably wouldn’t have happened or would have happened possibly too late if it wasn’t for my time with GLP.

I thrive in being in a group, but there is something sacred about GLP. Everyone should be able to experience it! But it takes a certain person, an aware, authentic person to fit in. Integrity is a woven theme and while there is immense value in the business training, I learned a great deal, good and bad, about myself which has propelled me to the next level. The Immersion is intense but in a way that helps you really hone into your genius zone and not just work or do something that isn’t really lighting your fire. What a good way to live your life.

Kellie Brooks

CEO & Founder at Hospitality Touchstone

Jonathan is…

…the impeccable embodiment of the essential practices you will nurture in order to release your great work.
…that contagious commitment leading you towards the truest vision of yourself.
…an unwavering contribution to discovering what most meaningfully makes you come alive, and the strategic guidance to unleash it.

It’s not just what he says or how he does it. It’s who Jonathan is.

The unparalleled GLP journey with him at the helm gifted me with the safest space in which I released my most paralyzing fears, the opportunity to collaborate on creating a cherished vision, the grace with which to surrender powerfully into uncertainty, and the bedrock friendships that form the giant featherbed at the bottom of the cliff I’ve so gleefully leapt from.

What can I possibly offer in return? What I have the most of: forehead-on-the-floor gratitude.”

Are you ready for the immersion?

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People are Talking

More Thoughts on Jonathan & His Work.

Steven Pressfield

Author of The War of Art and Do The Work

”Keats called it Negative Capability, the skill of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts. Tom Thibodeaux, coach of the Chicago Bulls, says, You gotta learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. But nobody has nailed this faculty like Jonathan Fields, showing us how to turn the fog of self-doubt, fear and internal paralysis into the clear sailing of focus, concentration and results.”

Tony Hsieh

Author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of, Inc.

“With a blend of old and new wisdom, Uncertainty equips you with the tools needed to take consistent action in the name of great work. Great read!”

Stephen Johnson

Founder/CEO Altitud3 Meta Agency

“Jonathan’s entrepreneurial wisdom has become a foundation in how I approach every new opportunity today. His proven, practical business advice brings clarity, focus and empowers you with a killer blueprint for success and courage to live your passion. Hes one in a million.”

Gretchen Rubin

NYT Bestselling Author of The Happiness Project, Happier at Home, and Better Than Before

”Uncertainty; risk; exposure to criticism. How do you conquer this fearsome triad, so it doesnt block your patheven better, how do you harness its power to help you achieve your goals? Jonathan Fields uses perceptive analysis, fascinating case studies, and a series of exercises to illuminate how uncertainty can be used as an engine to power both innovation and creation.”

Chris Guillebeau

Founder of World Domination Summit, NYT Bestselling Author of The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit, and The Art of Nonconformity

”Too many of us sit on the sidelines of fear and doubt, unable to contribute to a world in need of our brilliance. This masterful book will put you back in the game.”

Pamela Slim

Author of Body of Work, and Escape From Cubicle Nation

“Jonathan Fields was a role model for me for years before he became a personal friend. I trust his business judgement because I have learned so much from him about how to grow a profitable and mission-centered small business. I trust his creative judgement knowing the voracious appetite he has for digesting the very best research and information. I trust his personal judgement by witnessing the care and concern he shows for his family. Anything Jonathan puts his mind to, he puts his heart to. I am already beaming thinking about what 10 months with Jonathan and a group of motivated peers will do to your life.”

Terry St. Marie

Angel Investor & Co-founder of SOBCon and Built Oregon

”Jonathan can give you more meaningful and actionable insight in an hour than most people can give in a week. He is also a great listener, and Ive lost count of the times he has just plain blown my mind with his unique way of analyzing a problem or situation and coming back with a solution I never, ever would have thought of in a hundred years. Yep, hes that good.”

Kris Carr

Author of Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

”Life is uncertain. Embracing that paralyzes most people, but it also inspires a small number of brave individuals driven to create extraordinary art, businesses, and lives. This book is a window into the minds of the worlds greatest creators. Its an essential tool to transform uncertainty and fear into power and genius.”

Cali Williams Yost

CEO and Founder, Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit, Inc.

”As a social entrepreneur and author, Jonathan Fields is one of my most valued go-to resources. Jonathans wisdom is the perfect mix of practical and transformational. Whether its something hes written or his one-on-one coaching advice, I usually find myself saying, Of course! as my perspective shifts and a solution appears to a problem that seemed insurmountable. Once I carefully explained to Jonathan that I was struggling with how to package, deliver and price a piece of content. Without missing a beat, he said, Give it away for free, and laid out all of the reasons why free was the best option. My response? Of course! Problem solved.”

Lewis Howes

Founder of The School of Greatness

”There are a few people I trust to give me sound advice in all aspects of my business. Jonathan Fields is one of those individuals. He has helped me save countless amounts of time, money, and frustration from simply having him guide me in the right direction with any problem I face. Any one on one time with Jonathan is priceless for my business, and will take anyone to the next level.”

Susan Piver

Author of The Wisdom of a Broken Heart and How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life

”…brilliant and subversive. Through sharp insights and practical exercises, he reframes doubt, hesitation, and ambiguity as gateways to our own natural brilliance. Its a handbook for fearless creativity and its offshoots: meaning, authenticity, and true success.”

Glen Stansberry

Co-founder, and

“Jonathan is a great sounding board. His insights are spot-on, and his ability to take that New York, no-bullcrap approach to giving advice is a massive, unique strength. Fields is great at cutting through and getting to the real questions that need to be asked. I’ve killed many projects thanks to Jonathan’s advice.”

Randy Komisar

Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, author of The Monk and the Riddle

”Uncertainty is a great gift, a marvelous book. Jonathan calls out the elephant in our lives, the fear of failure, and gives us the insights, the rituals, and the presence of mind to tame it. Unless your life is limited to death and taxes, uncertainty is omnipresent. This book empowers the reader to gratefully accept the risks of a life worth living.”

Danielle LaPorte

Founder of Desire Map, Author of The Firestarter Sessions

“What’s most distinct about Jonathan is his commitment to growth, both intellectually and spiritually. He makes it clear that he’s here to be of service, and he does just that, by consistently bringing a bigger perspective to conversations about how we create, work, and learn.”

Nick Reese

Affiliate marketer and author of Traffic & Trust

“Fields has a shark like ability to sniff out what is really important in the big picture and in the lives of others, even if there is only a hint of ‘blood’ in the water. Hes a grounding force and I wish I could bottle that up and carry that with me.”

Derek Halpern

Founder, Social Triggers, producer and host of Social Triggers Insider

“Jonathan Fields is someone who can do it all. He worked for the man as a lawyer, created (and sold) a brick and mortar business, authored two books, and built several web businesses. Oh, and he’s a GREAT speaker and storyteller. But what really makes Fields awesome is that he manages to do all of this without ever compromising his ethics and morals. So, yes, he’s an outstanding business strategist, but he’s also just and all around good guy too.”

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