Congratulations! You've discovered your Sparketype  

Think of it as the source-code that holds the potential to build a career, vocation or calling that fills you with purpose, passion, expression and meaning.  

If you’re like so many others, learning it was a bit of a homecoming. Or, more like a reclamation, a voice deep down whispering, “Yup. This is me, this is what truly nourishes me...when and if I ever allow it to be front-and-center. If I could build my living and life around doing more of this, that would be incredible.” 

Which brings up a question...  

Is your work, whether it’s the way you earn your living or the work you’ve devoted yourself to, a genuine, purpose-filled, deeply nourishing and authentic expression of your Sparketype? 

If so, that’s fantastic! You are the very rare exception (though, you might also be wondering if you could “live it” even better).  

If not, well, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the mega-majority. And, in this case, that is a not the happiest population to be confined to.  

But, here’s the thing...  

Discovering your Sparketype just became your “Get Out of Meaningless, Empty, Why-Am-I-Still-Doing-This?” jail choose to embrace it.  

Question is, where will you go from here?  

Short answer, if you want to live bigger, wake up inspired, knowing not just what you should be doing with your life, but actually DOING it, you’ve got to go deeper.  

You’ve got to go beyond KNOWING your source-code to LIVING it.

Here’s what we know...

Just because you’ve discovered something, even something deeply resonant and empowering, doesn’t mean you understand it on a level that gives you what you need to truly LIVE it. Or build your living and life around it. 

It’s like those DNA tests you take by mail... 

You drop a small bit of money, swab your cheek, stick it in the post and a few weeks later - tada - “I know my genes!” Yes, it’s super cool to know this basic information. Maybe it helps you learn where your family came from. There’s a good chance a few immediate “aha’s” about your ancestry or traits will jump out (and maybe explain a few family secrets along the way). But, the real power comes not from simply knowing the glossy surface information. It comes when you choose to go deeper. To move beyond simply scanning the basic information and immersing yourself in the much more powerful, nuanced and revealing details. This is when your DNA becomes intricate snips that reveal who you are, where you came from, why you look and feel the way you do, what your exposure, susceptibility, risks, advantages and opportunities are, how best to work, move, sleep and eat to live your best life, according to your unique wiring. Your willingness to go deeper lays the foundation for action on an entirely-different level, and becomes the source fuel for not just wisdom but transformational change. It’s no different with your Sparketype...  

Your Sparketype is essentially your Purpose, Passion and Expression DNA

Yes, it is amazing to uncover the fundamental DNA that drives your reason-for-being, your life’s work. But, to make a genuine, lasting and profound difference in your living and life, you’ve got to go deeper into the heart of your Sparketype. Beyond simply knowing what your Sparketype is, you want to truly understand its power and pitfalls, what it reveals about who you are and who you are not, how you find meaning and joy, how to leverage your unique imprint, and how to transform your life and avoid the specific triggers and traps that can easily send you spiraling back into emptiness, stuckness and futility.

Question is, how? 

How you will go beyond knowing the basic strands of your Sparketype to understanding this powerful imprint on a level that fuels action and change? 

You could take the “I’ll go it alone” approach. Most people do. You could surrender months or years to a meandering, self-guided, trial-and-error process. And, you might figure a solid chunk of it out. But you’d likely still only end up scratching the surface of what your Sparketype has to tell you, and likely be heading off to work every day wondering when you’ll feel different, like you’re doing what you’ve been put on the planet to do.  

Truth is, if you’re still reading this, pretty good chance you’ve already tried this approach, and found yourself without answers or direction. At least, on a level that would genuinely matter.  

Well, what if there was an easier way?  

What if you could unlock and then master the wisdom of your unique Sparketype, and do it not in months or years with a ton of effort (much of it misguided and unsuccessful), but in a few hours...with more clarity and direction than you imagined possible?  

We’ve created something that will empower you to do just that…  

Sparketype Mastery Guide 

Your custom Sparketype Mastery Guide will take you inside your unique Sparketype (and, your life), and reveal things about who you really are, your Primary and Shadow Sparketypes, what matters, what doesn’t, what fills you and empties you, the traps and delusions that come with your Sparketype, and how best to realign what you do with who you are to live and work from a place that fills you with purpose, passion, expression and flow. To build not just a living, but a life.

In your Sparketype Mastery Guide, you will discover:  

  • Your Sparketype “Purpose-Expression-Flow” connection and how to find the perfect balance. 
  • The “Creation | Elevation Spectrum” - a simple, yet powerful key that reveals how you are wired to express your work AND lets you drop a lifetime of guilt and shame, if that doesn’t look exactly like everyone else 
  • Your Expanded Primary & Shadow Sparketype descriptions - to give you a better understanding of your own unique blend of Sparketypes and how to harness them.
  • Your unique Sparketype “Fulfillment Needs,” so that you understand exactly what you need out of your work to feel like you’re massively successful and filled with purpose.
  • Your unique Sparketype Triggers - understand exactly what derails you, so that you can avoid it, or know how to correct course if needed.  
  • Your unique Sparketype Danger Zones - wake-up to the potentially-destructive places your mind can go due to the unique demands of your Sparketype and learn how to protect against it. 
  • Common career paths for your Sparketype - discover careers that your Sparketype is often attracted to, AND also discover why your specific Sparketype is not limited to any of them (the Title Trap).
  • Power-pairings & poison partners for your Sparketype - better understand who to work with, and your painful partners, to get a feel for who you might want to steer clear of.
  • Good Life project podcast guests with your Sparketype - so you can listen to their stories and learn how they’ve built inspiring and rewarding lives around their Sparketypes.
  • The Sparketype-Passion Connection - how they are different, but intimately-connected to each other and how knowing your Sparketype unlocks the path to many passions. 
  • The Sparketype-Motivation Connection - discover how we’ve got motivation all wrong, and how tapping your Sparketype is more powerful than any other motivation. 
  • The Skill Trap - learn why being good at certain things can sometimes delude you into thinking they are your Sparketype and keep you from doing your real work.
  • The Accomplishment Trap - wake up to a the risk of defining success by accomplishment, and discover a different way to win at work and life.  
  • The “Hammer” Trap - learn why you should never, ever force your Sparketype on those around you (and why we so often do, without realizing what we’re doing).
  • Your Sparketype’s ability to change - understand why your Sparketype is largely fixed, but how a handful of circumstances might shift it.
  • What happens if you don’t agree with (or don’t want) your Sparketype - a revealing look at what may “really” be happening, and what to do about it. 

Through our specially-developed intelligence-engine, your Sparketype Mastery Guide is built in real-time around your unique Sparketype profile.  

In addition to incredibly-valuable deep-dive information about the Sparketypes, you’ll discover a ton more about yourself, you will recognize so many behaviors and experiences and decisions and better understand where they came from and how better to work with them.  

You’ll also see many myths and illusions busted, awaken to so many new ideas and possibilities, and be in a radically different position to not just “know” your Sparketype, but also begin the process of building your living and life around it.  

This wisdom and insight, alone, is transformational. But, we don’t stop there. As a special, limited-time bonus, we’ve also included a little something extra for you in Part 4 of your Sparketype Mastery Guide.  

The Spark Your Work Jumpstart Experience

The Spark Your Work Roadmap is a special bonus section that we’ve included that is designed to introduce you to a very powerful process that takes you from knowing your Sparketype to actually building your living and life around it, starting immediately.

In the Spark Your Life Jumpstart, you will discover how to: 

  • Avoid the single biggest (and most destructive) mistake, after learning your Sparketype and, instead, focus on the things that truly make the biggest, fastest difference without destroying everything you’ve worked so hard to create to date. 
  • Redefine work in a way that dramatically-expands your opportunity to experience greater power, control, purpose, meaning, expression and connection in more of your life.
  • Create a custom inventory of “Spark-igniting” activities, each of which holds the potential to deepen your experience of purpose, meaning, expression and joy, no matter your job, position, industry or company.
  • Reclaim the first-hour of your morning, infusing it with a level of intentionality and purpose that makes the entire day a win, no matter what else happens.
  • Uncover the often-hidden, spark-destroying truth about the way you spend the vast majority of your time, then discover a new way to plan and execute your days to not only feel far more accomplished, but also ensure you’re doing the things that add the most meaning, purpose and joy to your work and life first.
  • Tap the power of a single, transformational prompt that unlocks a layer of possibility you never knew existed in your current work, then shows you how to mine it’s potential to spark your work and life, without having to make big, disruptive and often painful changes  

Time to Unlock Your Sparketype, Spark Your Work AND save 40%!!!...  

You’ve discovered your Sparketype. And, it’s a safe bet, it spoke to you. It reconnected you to a part of yourself that’s very likely been dormant for years, if not decades. Or at a minimum, vastly underutilized, let alone allowed to take center stage in your work and life.  

If this wasn’t true, you would not have read this far, let alone even come to this page to learn what to do with your Sparketype.  

Your Sparketype Mastery Guide, including the limited-time bonus Spark Your Work Jumpstart, is a giant step in the direction of not just knowing, but unlocking and then living your Sparketype. Giving it power and integrating it into your work and life.  

But, nothing happens until you do something about it.  

So, what will you choose?  

There are really only two options.  

Ignore the deeper truth of who you are and what you’re here to do with your life, slide back into a numbed-out working life.  

Or, take the next step, the one that sets you on a course to living and working with purpose, feeling like your unique capabilities, your fantastic and distinct point-of-view, sense of taste, ideas and experiences are being fully-expressed, that all of your potential is tapped and you’re filled with a sense of flow, ease and joy.  

We love to reward those who take decisive action. So, we’d love to do something special for you.  

When you order your Sparketype Mastery Guide in the next 72-hours… 

  • We will take 40% off the price of the guide, so you pay not $49, but only $29
  • You will also get the special bonus Spark Your Work Jumpstart included in your guide entirely FREE as our gift  

After 72-hours, this offer expires and the price goes back up.  

The choice is entirely yours to make.  

Here’s how you’ll take the next step, get your Sparketype Mastery Guide at 40%-off AND get your Spark Your Work Jumpstart FREE.  

Order now for only $29 (40%-off. Offer expires in 72-hours) 


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