Hacking Art Education And Living a Good “Artist’s” Life With Illustrator, Noah Bradley

 src=noahNoah Bradley’s illustrations make you feel like you’ve just stepped into another world.

They’re vast, rich, stunning and he’s built a great career as a well-known artist. His work is commissioned regularly and he’s deep into his own collections.

Well, of course he is, I mean the guy went to two of the top art schools in the country. He had access to the best teachers, facilities and mentors. he was bound for greatness, right?

Not so fast…

That may all be true. But then, why did he write an article that’s exploded online telling aspiring artists not to go to art school?

What does he suggest in it’s place?

If not from the education and connections he made in art school, how did he get where he is?

And how does he define doing good work and living a good life in the arts?

These are the questions we explore in this week’s Good Life Project.

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