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Want to Live a Better Life?

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone…

It’s not that your life is terrible, it’s just that you wake up every morning knowing this is not the life you’re capable of living.

Physically and psychologically

Good chance something always hurts, maybe not all the time, but way too often. If you’re like most folks, you’re carrying the same belly-cruller you’ve been wanting to do something about for years and feeling, well, less than fit, but c’mon, who has the time.

And, what about your energy? Three words – could be better. A LOT better. And, your state of mind, it’s not horrible (most of the time, especially after coffee), but it likely swings from frenetic and frenzied to outright overwhelm and anxiety way more often than you’re comfortable with.

What about your relationships…

With the pace of life running you ragged, your relationships have fallen into “maintenance mode,” which is fine for a car, but last I checked you’re a human being with a beating heart and a fierce need for deep friendships, laughter, love and belonging. Your heart is not here to be maintained, it’s here to be loved, held, nourished and fed, but it’s just not happening.

And, somewhere deep down you know, if you’re feeling this way, pretty safe bet those you claim to love and hold dear are feeling it, too. For longer than you want to admit, and the pain and isolation it’s causing is getting harder and harder to endure.

And, your work…

Can we talk about that for a moment? Sure, you need to earn a living. We all do. We’re grown-ups, responsibilities and all. But, when did that translate to surrendering meaning, purpose and the opportunity to fully engage your essence, your capabilities, your badassery and brilliance to the life-stifling gods of safety, security and complacency?

Put another way, when did you start to wake up wondering “where did my good life go?!”

Answer – never.

Because it happened slowly. Over time. Insipidly.

You never saw it coming. But now, here you are. This is your reality. It is not the life you saw yourself living, nor the good life you know deep down, you are capable of living.

And, you are not alone…

Over the last 3 years, more than 15,000 people have completed our comprehensive life assessment. We’ve now amassed an incredible amount of data across three critical life domains:

  •  Vitality – your state of body and mind aka physical and mental health
  •  Connection – the depth of your relationships and sense of belonging
  •  Contribution – the way you work and find meaning and purpose

We call these the three “Good Life Buckets™.” And, the data reveals some extremely alarming patterns.

The stark reality is this… if you were to hand out grades for these buckets the results would be startling…

The average person is getting an “F” in not one, not two, but ALL THREE life buckets.

They’re running dry.

More specifically

Truth is, if you’re like so many of us, you are maniacally chasing a good life, but as our research shows and your own experience likely confirms, the way we’ve been going about it just isn’t working.

Sure, there is much to be grateful for, lots of things, experiences and relationships that are “solid.” Maybe even occasionally joyful.

But, is that truly the measure of a life well-lived?

Solid, with occasional passing joy? Or, if we’re really being honest here…the “illusion” of solid, but underneath the facade, a growing yearning for something more.

Something you know is possible, but after trying and failing at so many things and having so little time or remaining willpower to try something different, you just give up.

I get it. And, I also know something that may surprise you…

The reason so many people fail at the quest to live a good life isn’t so much because they’re doing the wrong things…

It’s because they’re trying to do the right things…the wrong way.

know you’ve been there…

You commit to a new diet, or exercise routine.

You promise to up your communication in your relationships with friends and loved ones…

You join that club or team you’ve been wanting to participate with

Or even make a HUGE wholesale change in your occupation.

On paper these big, disruptive efforts seem to look like they will work.

Problem is…

We don’t live on paper, we live in the real world.

And, in the real world, life happens. All too often, that life wars with the things we need to do in order to break the chains of autopilot reactivity, and reclaim a sense of power and agency and control.

But here’s the big takeaway I want you to have right now, and to be frank it goes directly against all those “self-help” platitudes you’ve heard and tried to put into use that have all led to failure.

This is the rub…

We can’t break through the chains of a “life on autopilot” by committing ourselves to BIG, difficult and complicated changes.

Nope, that’s just not how our brains are wired and your subconscious will fight you every step of the way. In fact, the most effective way to make changes in our lives is… the exact opposite.

It’s what I call “Simple Exponential Actions” (SEAs)

It’s about tiny daily actions that have an effect on your life that is exponential. Not just any SEAs, but the RIGHT ones, in the right way, in the right order (never at the same time or you’re destined to fail), for enough time that you feel their power and then embrace them not just as something to do, but as a practical proven path to your best life!

And, here’s the second critical reason your past efforts, even if successful in the moment, have been all but destined to fail over the long-term…

It’s because you’ve never fully set yourself up for that kind of success, through no fault of your own.

We’ve created a process to help you set yourself up for success with something we call Success Scaffolding™” to help build the environmental and psychological foundation needed to ensure those efforts become sustained, transformational elements of our lives and, eventually, our identities.


  •  Willpower is not enough. 
  •  Having a plan is not enough.
  •  Wanting it badly is not enough.

In order to succeed at anything worth doing, sure, you need all of the above. But, those are only a few of the 8 critical elements of Success Scaffolding.

Without the other key pieces of the Success Scaffolding puzzle, no matter how much you want to feel better, connect deeper, work with purpose, you will never be able to do what’s necessary to get to a place where you wake up and feel, in your bones, “Oh hell yes, THIS is the life I know I am capable of living!”

Question is…
What if things could be different?

  • What if you could reclaim control over your body, fall back in love with it and transform it from a source of pain to a source of joy, power and pleasure? 
  • What if you could reclaim joy and love and laughter and connection? 
  • What if you could spend your days doing something that is both profoundly meaningful and also brings your full potential to bear?

What if you could do it gently, over time, without blowing up any part of your life, or being forced to add hours of complicated exercises to a schedule that is already maniacally over-burdened?

What if you could snap your fingers and know that you had in place all 8 critical elements of your Success Scaffolding and that you were inspired and equipped to succeed on a level you’ve never before experienced?

What if you could embrace your quest to live an extraordinary life, alongside other people, in a safe, inspired community, where you weren’t alone, you had partners, champions, and mentors all working together to meet your individual and collective vision, no matter where you are in the world?

Now you can.

This is exactly what we’ve created for you with the

Good Life Collective TM

Imagine waking up every morning feeling energized and ready for your day.

That you no longer have to crawl out of bed wondering how the heck you’re gonna make it through with the constant, nagging aches and pains…

…but instead, feel like you can stand tall, have the freedom of movement you thought was lost to the annals of your past youth, and actually have a spring in your step because your body feels so damn good and healthy.

You pass a mirror and are astonished at how vibrant you appear – not just because your body has slowly transformed to something you might not have thought possible, but because you have a vibe about you that your friends, family (and yes, even colleagues) remark on… “You seem different. Happier. Healthier….Younger even!”

Imagine that even though your days are still busy with all that life throws at you, somehow, gradually, the passion has returned to your once stale relationship.

It’s almost like you’re reliving the days when you first met – the moments of butterflies in your belly, a love-note found that makes your day and the smile that lights your face when you glance and catch your loved one’s eyes.

You’re no longer on autopilot, doing what has become routine or habit – going through the motions of what a relationship should be – but actually seeing each other again.

Really seeing and noticing what first attracted you, and appreciating each other for who you really are.

And what if that was just the beginning?

Imagine this newfound deeper connection, this unbound energy that makes you glow, spills over into every other friendship or relationship you have, so there is a potency at play that ignites creativity, collaboration and understanding with those that truly matter to you.

Imagine no longer feeling like you’re at odds with the world but living each day with grace and ease which impacts how others respond to you, and you experience a sense of true belonging.

And your work… Oh my! Can you imagine what a shift it would be when you’re finally doing work that has true meaning for you?

Not the daily grind you may be experiencing right now but finding real purpose in your everyday actions.

No more dread for the day that greets you each morning but a transcendent joy at seeing the significance of your contribution – that what you do actually matters!

You’ll know that even though you are just one of many, your presence in the world and the simple actions you take have a bigger impact that serves a greater good – while still satisfying your own needs and desires, without feeling guilty.

Not only that… imagine a community that not only gets you but supports you, celebrates with you and cheers you on in times of need.

No longer having to face things alone but knowing you have a team behind you who are invested in your success just as much as you are.

Imagine you’ve finally found your people…

When you become part of the Good Life CollectiveTM,
this is exactly what you can expect.

You’ll see how much your life will change and how different you’ll feel as each month your buckets fill and elevate your life to a place you’ve dreamed of but, more recently, never thought possible.

Now if you’re coming from a place where your efforts to change have failed you in the past I know you may be reading this with a healthy dose of skepticism. (Which I completely understand!)

How is it really possible to achieve all this? Especially when all the evidence of your past actions suggests otherwise. After all, you’ve probably tried things before and while it’s worked for a time your old patterns and habits kick in and you’re back to square one.

But not this time.

Not on my watch.

We’ve created the Good Life CollectiveTM as a container designed to engineer and amplify your success. A unique, never-been-done-before experience that will get you resultswithout the need for complicated commitments that leave you overwhelmed, stressed or wanting to bail.

The Good Life CollectiveTM is made up of 4 game-changing pillars that fuel exponential results for you over a period of time.

So, let’s break it down…

  •  The Good Life Bucket model – an almost effortless yet powerful model to understand what really matters in your life and get to work doing the things that fill your buckets and, in turn, fill your life with goodness. The goal with the Good Life Buckets is simple. Keep all three buckets as close to full as possible. The nearer any one bucket gets to empty, the more pain you feel (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) – if all three run dry, you die. Figuratively and literally. While this may sound shocking, it’s the reason why you aim to keep filling them as you continue to do all the things that make life profoundly good!
  •  7-day Simple Exponential Action Quests – that anyone can do in just 10-minutes a day and each month they rotate between buckets to ensure “no bucket is left behind” and all parts of life get lifted. These simple daily actions remove the life-drag we so often experience when we focus on one area, but the ones we ignore create a constant drag on every other part of life (or bucket). Also, this builds behaviors into habits that become embodied. Over time, you get the “compound interest” that comes from “habit stacking”; when you add simple behaviors, they become a part of your life and the benefits begin to stack on top of each other, filling buckets faster and faster without the burden of tons of time and complexity.
  •  Success Scaffolding – we’ve built a special Virtual Good Life CollectiveTM “hub” that is specially designed to incorporate all 8 critical elements of Success Scaffolding, including special exercises that flip your mindset switch, technology that turns every quest into a game for you AND gathers the entire Collective together to take action not just to accomplish your personal goals, but to unlock powerful social-impact projects, regular automatic prompts to keep you on track and all 5 critical roles of people to ensure you’re fueled by wisdom, accountability, collaboration, inspiration and intentional community. This has been the critical missing piece in nearly every person’s past quest to create lasting change, and the central reason for failure. It’s a ton of work to create this on your own, so only the most elite athletes and performers have done it. As a member of the Good Life CollectiveTM, we’ve done 100% of the work for you, so all you need to do is show up.
  •  Intentional Community – Inside the Good Life CollectiveTM you’ll find a place like none other. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people who have all decided to take this journey together with the energy and support of others instead of trying (and failing) by going it alone again. I can’t stress enough that being able to understand the inspirational wins and occasional obstacles everyone has during a transformation time is KEY to helping your personal success. Learning from others who have been there before is a foundational part of the process. And I can’t wait for you to see what we’re creating together! 

Essentially, the Good Life CollectiveTM is your one-stop shop for wisdom, willpower and winning!

I’m sure you might be thinking…
“this sounds GREAT but… I’ve tried and failed at so many of these things so many times, why should I listen to you?” Great question..

My name is Jonathan Fields

I’m a dad, husband, multi-time founder and award-winning author.

I’ve spent nearly two decades building companies and experiences that’ve changed the paradigm in wellness, work and the quest to live a good life, and found myself blessed to be featured everywhere from ELLE, Oprah Magazine, USA Today, SELF, People, Vogue, and Yoga Journal to The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, Inc., Forbes and thousands of other outlets.

I currently head-up a mission-driven media and education venture, Good Life Project®, where, along with our incredible team, I create experiences, programs, gatherings and solutions designed to help people live good lives. Among those, was a 5-year run creating and producing one of the country’s first and largest adult summer camps. I also host the top-ranked Good Life Project® podcast with a global audience and millions of listeners. The Wall Street Journal recently hailed it as one of the best self-development podcasts in the world, and The Guardian featured it in its Top 25 Episodes of the Year.

Along the way, I’ve taught tens-of-thousands of people everything from yoga and meditation to conscious business and awakened careers, trained hundreds of leaders, built global communities, led international events, retreats and courses and been fortunate to interview and learn directly from hundreds of the world’s greatest luminaries, researchers and leaders in fields ranging from social science, psychology and neuroscience to elite performance, human potential, creativity, business, entrepreneurship and art.

I’ve also spent years exploring an expansive body of academic research with a focus on purpose, meaning, work, happiness and life-satisfaction and drawn upon all of these domains and experiences to develop new paradigms, models and experiences that have changed the way so many people pursue their health, relationships and the way they contribute to the world.

My latest book, How to Live a Good Life, became an instant USA Today bestseller and #1 audiobook on Audible, and introduced the Good Life BucketTM model, while sharing practical, proven exercises to optimize mind and body, deepen relationships and help cultivate meaning and purpose. My prior book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance, was named #1 Personal Development Book of the year by 800-CEO-READ.

So what does this all mean for you?

Simply put… it means I’ve put in the time, spent decades not just reading books or taking courses, but working with thousands of individuals and organizations, learning from top-researchers, presenting to and having my ideas challenged by some of the smartest people in the world on some of the biggest stages, developed real-world, practical and proven solutions and then tested and refined them, not in my mind or in the fabricated constraints of a lab, but in the real world. Where you and I live. And pursue our good lives.

All of this experience – all the wisdom, the frameworks, experiments, models, tools and practices – are, for the first time ever, fully-integrated into the four powerful pillars of the Good Life CollectiveTM, compounding to fuel action, understanding and outcomes like never before.

To let you finally experience the success you so richly deserve and desire, but nearly impossible when you keep trying to “go it alone”

Are you ready to be part of an intentional community bringing people like you together, to excel in all areas of your life?

Here’s what others have to say about being part of various Good Life communities over the years…

“The support of my fellow GLPeepers, my Good Life Project peers, was incredible. They came from all kinds of businesses, all walks of life and really contributed to my kind of experience of being in it with other people who were taking big risks, making big changes and willing to try new things. Having a peer group like that was so invaluable, the way people leaned in and really helped each other. We created this incredible kind of trust and kindness and respect, exactly the kind of people you want to have with you on your good life.

Jonathan Fields was an incredible mentor to me, I think he is an incredibly savvy businessman and also a wise and heart centered person. Jonathan really gave me a lot of encouragement for things I was afraid of doing. The man knows a ton, he knows so much, so he really gave a lot of knowledge and information.”

— Cynthia Morris, Founder of Original Impulse, Artist and Novelist

“The group affected my life in such a profound way. I have not had access to people like this before, it is kind of hard to describe, but the coming together as a group of different people who all have different tribes, different backgrounds, different experiences and having all of that together in one room to bounce off each other, you just can’t get that anywhere else. You can’t get that advice from your friends, you can’t get that advice from your family, you can’t get that advice from your peers & co-workers at the same level as it comes to you from the group.”

— Ashley Herzberger, Founder of AshleyJosephine.com

What a generous soul. Jonathan has always had the question in his voice and in his eyes, of “how can I help”. His technique is varied and broad, at times making it seem like he’s figuring it out with you, at times giving you straight up advice, and at times making it all seem like it was your idea. Plus, there’s always
an element of surprise and delight just under the surface that emerges and blossoms before your eyes.

-Linda Buchner, President and Founder of Minddrive.org

Here’s what’s in store for you when you join the
Good Life CollectiveTM:

  •  Private Good Life CollectiveTM Virtual Hub
  • You will be provided with a unique log-in to the online hub where you’ll have access to everything you need to start your Collective adventure. This is your mission control for consciously building your Good Life and to monitor your personal progress as well as the combined progress of the Collective. Not only will you see the difference your small steps make for your own wellbeing but how your simple actions impact on a bigger scale.
  •  The Good Life CollectiveTM Jumpstart
  • Once you join the Collective, you will have immediate access to your Jumpstart Kit. This is to set yourself up for success with an initial 3 days of preparation activities. It includes a tour of the hub to help you feel comfortable in your new home and to make sure you can get the most out of the Collective as you start your journey. Plus there’s also the 8 elements of Success Scaffolding to implement the foundational principles to maintaining your progress and creating your best life.
  •  Weekly Quests
  • Each month you’ll get to start a new 7-day quest focused on one of the three Good Life Buckets. Each day your Simple Exponential Action (SEA) brings you one step closer to the Good Life you seek. The weeks are rotated through the three buckets of vitality, connection and contribution to elevate your life in all areas through the stacking of your exponential achievements.
  •  Monthly Virtual Expert Masterclasses 
  • During the course of your quests you’ll have the opportunity to watch a variety of recorded interviews, masterclasses and workshops by experts in their fields. Each workshop is focused on one of the life-buckets, rotating monthly, to further your goals and keep you building your Good Life. You’ll also have the option to join the current LIVE expert workshop (even if you’re not yet part of that quest) so you can join in the conversation and further elevate your life.
  • Goal Trackers & Social Impact Projects
  • Part of the what makes the collective so different is that we don’t just give you fun things to do that make a real difference, we make sure they’re getting done! As part of our “secret sauce” Success Scaffolding, you’ll check in every day and be rewarded with points for every action completed. Your points will be visible not just to you, but to your friends in the collective. That means, you’ll all be looking after each other to help ensure that, even on those challenging days, you’ve got a team to help you rock your SEAs. This, alone is a game-changer. But, there’s one more mega-motivator to show up every day. We also track and display total points across the entire collective in real-time. And, we set big social-impact goals that are “unlocked” when the total points for the entire collective reach our goal numbers. Translation, you get to improve your own life, while also contributing to much bigger social impact projects at the same time.
  •  Private Facebook Group
  • In addition to your Virtual Hub we’ve created a safe place for you to connect with your team and other members of the Collective. A place where you can share your journey with like-minded people in a judgment-free space to further engage in the community of the Collective and collaborate on new ideas, projects and unified goals. This is an additional element that contributes to your sense of belonging once you discover people who are willing to rally behind you, help keep you accountable and give their support as you give them yours.

You get all this, plus a special welcome gift from me to you (right into your mailbox), for just $37 a month.

That’s the equivalent of 3 lattes from your favorite coffee shop each week. But rather than a temporary hit of energy that leaves you jacked-up on caffeine, but no closer to the life you know is possible but just can’t access on your own, you experience something that will have a massive impact on your life and personal wellbeing.

Something that has most likely been missing from your life to date – true, lasting change. Simple steps that will lead to a better life. A private place to gather with a community of people to hold you up when you stumble, keep you accountable to your own growth and strive together to make incredible things happen in your own life, and in the world around you.

What is that worth to you? To feel the way you’ve always known you wanted to feel, but have never been able to access on your own? To deepen into the relationships you’ve always wanted to cultivate, but never had the tools or support. To contribute to the world in a way that fills you with purpose and allows you to stand in your fullest potential.

The Good Life CollectiveTM is a pioneering venture and I’d like nothing more than to welcome you, Isn’t it time for you to finally to wake up in the morning, take a deep breath in and think “Yeah, life is good!”.

The real question becomes…
Will you join us?

Maybe you’re still wondering if the Good Life Collectiv is for you, so let me clear that up right now. It’s for you if…

  •  You’re ready to say good bye to the on and off cycle of healthy-living fads, programs and diets steeped in unrealistic, over-complicated recommendations that lead to overwhelm, quitting and failure, and you’re finally ready to do something truly “different.” To get the results you seek … without the need for dramatic, disruptive change, hard to maintain routines and commitments that implode the minute they interact with real-life… 
  •  You want to stop the merry-go-round of chaos in your head and move from feeling frenetic and frazzled to calm and ease… even if you feel it’s impossible because of all that life and work is currently throwing at you…
  •  You crave deep, meaningful connection with the people in your life and desire a sense of belonging with like-minded individuals who truly ‘get you’ and yet still feel independent and unique with your presence in the world…but you just don’t know how to find them and you don’t have the bandwidth to bring everyone together in a way that feels deeply-nourishing and supportive.
  •  You want to finally harness your true potential to do work that ignites your soul and know that your simple daily actions benefit and contribute to a greater good… knowing that as you create change for yourself, you create change in the world too and you’re getting ever-closer to knowing the thing you’re here to do, then doing it.

If this is you, the Good Life CollectiveTM is your gateway to a better life. One you can begin today, at the click of a button.

If none of this resonates, if you’re 100% good with the status of your health, body, state of mind, relationships, the way you contribute to the world, your sense of purpose and potential, then it’s probably not for you.

As always, your decision to step into all the Good Life CollectiveTM has to offer is entirely yours. It’s about you feeling it’s a fit, and you reclaiming agency and power in your own life to make it what you know it can be, but have struggled to “get there” alone.

Join The Good Life CollectiveTM Today For Just $37 Per Month

Yes, Count Me In!

“Jonathan Fields was a role model for me for years before he became a personal friend. I trust his business judgement because I have learned so much from him about how to grow a profitable and mission-centered small business. I trust his creative judgement knowing the voracious appetite he has for digesting the very best research and information. I trust his personal judgement by witnessing the care and concern he shows for his family. Anything Jonathan puts his mind to, he puts his heart to.”

– Pam Slim, bestselling author of Body of Work

“Jonathan Fields is someone who can do it all. He worked for the man as a lawyer, created (and sold) a brick and mortar business, authored two books, and built several web businesses. Oh, and he’s a GREAT speaker and storyteller. But what really makes Fields awesome is that he manages to do all of this without ever compromising his ethics and morals. So, yes, he’s an outstanding business strategist, but he’s also just and all around good guy too.”

– Derek Halpern, founder of Social Triggers

“Jonathan can give you more meaningful and actionable insight in an hour than most people can give in a week. He is also a great listener, and I’ve lost count of the times he has just plain blown my mind with his unique way of analyzing a problem or situation and coming back with a solution I never, ever would have thought of in a hundred years. Yep, he’s that good.”

– Terry St. Marie, Angel Investor, Cable industry consultant & founder of Built Oregon

You may be thinking “But Jonathan, why is this different from all the other programs or communities available – why will THIS get me the results I crave?”

It’s a great question that I’m happy to answer.

It comes down to the 4 pillars working in synchronicity to help ensure you’re doing the right things, in the right way, taking action and being fiercely-supported, motivated and kept accountable along the way.

The Good Life CollectiveTM is the only place that brings together the power of:

  • The Good Life Bucket Model, and 
  • 7-Day Exponential Simple Action Quests, and
  • Success Scaffolding, and
  • Intentional Community

The Good Life Buckets give you a simple, yet powerful model of what a good life actually looks and feels like and serves as your north star.

7-day Simple Exponential Action Quests take you by the hand, invite you to commit to short, fun, daily actions that will make a big difference in your state of mind and body, relationships and work, without adding complexity or stress to your days.

Success Scaffolding will ensure you don’t just start and then bail on your commitment to yourself, but actually keep taking action, even when life gets busy, to ensure you experience the changes you’ve claimed to want for years, but have never been able to stick with on your own.

Intentional community – the Collective – let’s you pursue your quest to live your best life alongside a like-minded hive of people all striving to craft richer, deeper, more vital and meaningful lives. As a member of the Good Life CollectiveTM, you are no longer alone. You have people. You belong. We’re all committed to each other’s success (and we just might have a whole lot of fun together along the way)!

I know you probably have other questions about the Collective, so I’ve put together some FAQs to answer anything else that may leave you uncertain about your next step.

Can I join at any time?
Yes absolutely! But, the bigger question is, why would you want to wait? Author Steven Pressfield writes, “Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us.” If you’ve read this far, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve got a lot of unlived life within you. So, why wouldn’t you want to start living the live you know, deep down, you’re capable of living today? As a member of the Good Life CollectiveTM, we’ve taken all the friction out of the process for you. We take you by the hand, share whatever wisdom you need, show you exactly what to do, when and how, then give you the structure and support needed to make it happen. Pushing off becoming a member is pushing off living a better life. What reason is there, truly, not to begin feel better, love better, play better, live better today?

Can I get my money back if it’s not for me?
Participate fully in your first month (4 weekly quests), complete the actions and share in the community and, if after that you are not completely satisfied with the experience, just let us know by requesting a refund within 15 days and you’ll get a 100% refund and be removed from the collective, the quests and the community from that point on.

When do the virtual workshops happen?
The monthly workshops and masterclasses will be announced in the news area of the Collective hub as well as an email to inform you of all the details of when it will be available. All masterclasses will be available to replay within the content library as long as you keep your subscription.

Will membership prices go up in the future?
As a founding member you will be ‘grandfathered’ in at the rate at which you subscribe. Each month you will be billed the same amount. The price of membership may increase over time as our community grows, our offerings expand and our Expert Teaching Library expands, but as long as you keep your subscription up to date, you will pay the same price each month that you signed up with. If you choose to cancel and then return at a later date, of course, you’ll then come back in at whatever the currently-available public membership fees are.

If I sign up and then need help, who do I contact?
For all enquiries, please email [email protected]

Join The Good Life CollectiveTM Today For Just $37 Per Month

Yes, Count Me In!

Here’s what will happen as soon as you sign up…

Once your membership is confirmed, you’ll immediately be taken to the registration page to create your login for the Good Life CollectiveTM virtual hub.

On the inside, you’ll be greeted with a fun and easy video “walk-through” of your new place to gather and learn and grow. We’ll show you everything you need to get settled, then show where to watch what we call your “jumpstart” videos and download a few other things to get you set up to dive into your first 7-day quest.

We’ll ask you to answer a few simple questions, so that we can partner you up with a smaller group of friends inside the Collective to help you get settled and also create a structure to support each other with cheers and accountability.

You’ll watch or read the instructions for your first quest and check out any other materials or recordings we’ve included to help ensure you have everything you need to dive into the simple daily actions.
Each week, you’ll get a short email to let you know about the upcoming quest and a reminder to complete your Simple Exponential Actions.

Once you’ve completed it, you’ll log into our virtual hub and check-off that day’s action. This’ll add one point to your Quest Goals.

As you accumulate points for achieving each step, you can acquire new levels of membership which will unlock cool things along the way.

You also have the option to invite friends to join you in your quests, or sign up as a group or organization to create change and success on a bigger scale.

So, you are literally seconds away from living a better life.
Not someday. Right now!

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