Entrepreneurs: Together We Rise!

Entrepreneurs are a special breed…

We are the dreamers. The builders. The founders and doers. The defiers of rationality and takers of risk. We are the breathless optimists and boundary expanders, the keepers of possibility who see what no one else can, then do what no one else will.

We are the makers of things to come, the explorers, the tastemakers and innovators. We wade into the unknown, when others run. Because that is the place where the stories, leaders and legends are birthed. It’s where dreams become manifest. Where visions and values, sweat and prayer give birth to meaning and magic, intention and impact. 

Yet, that same place, filled as it is with breathless opportunity, is also awash in the potential for sustained struggle, deep suffering and unrelenting darkness. Every founder, creator, maker and builder knows this. 

It requires us to wade into a sea of persistent uncertainty, a perpetual unknowing that must be there. Without it, there is no space for possibility, creation, innovation or impact. There is no story. Nothing to build. No dream to realize. 

Yet, unequipped and alone, it is near impossible to navigate this abyss from a place of potential and not pain. To feel supported, optimistic and alive, rather than gutted, anxious and empty. And, with recent changes in the global and political climate, this feeling of deep uncertainty and potential for struggle seems to have only deepened.

It can be stiflingly lonely. At times, isolating beyond words. We are an odd bunch, fueled by a vision no one else sees or believes, driven to take action to make it real. To assume abundance and invest, where others assume scarcity and horde. And until our own success proves out our vision, we remain just a bit alien to those who’d rather follow than blaze a path. 

The problem worsens when we find ourselves wanting to not only launch and build a traditional, profit-driven practice, foundation or company, but create a vehicle for collective elevation. A “conscious business” that not only serves a direct need and generates real profit, but also speaks to a larger societal impact AND serves our very personal primal need to create, to gather, to fully-express our strengths, beliefs and potential along the way. 

When we’re looking to build something that’s not just about product-”market” fit, but also product-”maker” fit and product-”meaning” fit, those not on this same path--and that includes more traditionally-wired entrepreneurs--not only run in the other direction, they often try to take us with them...or take us down. 

Along the way, we’re pummeled with questions. Some from others, external doubt. Many from within, our own maniacally chattering voice of self-doubt. Some of the questions, of course, are necessary and constructive. Others, though, slowly dismantle our psyche. 

Is it good enough? Am I good enough? Are we on a path to success, or headed wildly off-the-rails? Should I hire or fire, invest or save? How do I tell the story? How long will it take to get even a sliver of a sign? Which product, program, idea or direction is right? How do I structure and test ideas, build processes, systems, and adopt technology that make things easier, not harder? How will I know which is which? And, more than anything, when do I get to breathe again? 

How do we know which questions, ideas and trajectories are mission-critical, mandatory explorations, and which are distractions that’ll devour time and money we don’t have to lose and lead to our demise? And, how do we answer the good questions intelligently? As a good friend once told me, you cannot read the label from inside the jar.

This leads to a few universal truths...

  • Entrepreneurship is a spiritual practice. Not in a woowoo metaphysical way. All this means is, it’s as much about how the process changes you as it is about what you’re building. It will challenge and provoke you. And, it holds the potential to either dehumanize and destroy you, or serve as a pathway to possibility.
  • We cannot do it alone. Nobody succeeds in a vacuum. Even the most brilliant of the brilliant, the best-resourced creators all have people. 
  • We need teachers and mentors to show the way, help correct course, avoid missteps and shorten the distance from idea to impact. 
  • We need champions to hold us up when we stumble (and we will, more than we’d like) and reconnect us with our vision and deeper drivers when we get lost in the smaller picture.
  • We need crusaders to hold us accountable when we most want to bail (which inevitably is a heartbeat from our next big move), and continue to act when things get hard (and they always will).
  • We need parallel-playmates, building their own ventures alongside us, sharing in the emotions, questions, struggles and triumphs that bond us for life and let us know that we are truly felt, seen and understood. Because we are them, and they are us. 
  • We need a “safe container,” where we can drop the facade, get real and build around genuine, transparent, uplifting relationships, ideas and aspirations without fear of disrespect, degradation or condemnation.

Question is…

As a conscious business founder, where can you find the wisdom, the people, the safety, support and inspiration needed to bridge the gap between suffering, ignorance and isolation, and belonging, solutions and success?

A Groundbreaking Solution: The Conscious Business Collective...

If you’ve been looking, you already know, it’s brutally hard to find or create a way to bring all these people into your orbit and have them committed to your growth, on your own. I spent years piecing this together in my own life. Identifying the critical roles, people and structures. Learning how and where to find them, how to figure out who was a fit on the level of personality, ethos, capability, and how to create the safety and sanctity needed for genuine connection, trust, vulnerability, revelation and elevation. 

It was not an easy process. I drew on more than 15 years of experience bringing together curated groups of people for intensive training experiences and building flourishing companies and communities, both on-the-ground and online. In the end, the impact on my career, businesses and life has been profound. 

I also realized this: The pain that led me to do this for myself was not mine alone. A vast sea of likeminded entrepreneurs were suffering in solitude. And, I was compelled to change that.

With the launch of Good Life Project® in January 2012, I assembled a team to begin creating for others what I’d done for myself. Over a five year window, we built a series of private accelerated growth communities and intensive programs for conscious careerists and business founders. These experiences were transformational, consistently generating 400% to 500% more applications than available spots. 

With every iteration, we would completely deconstruct the experience and rebuild it from the ground up to be better, go deeper and deliver more. Stunning stories, lifelong relationships, collaborations and impact came out of these experiences. You can read what many of our many grads have to say, and check out some other press here.

Still, there were limitations. We couldn’t serve enough people (the demand was and still is fierce). We needed a way to better manage the investment level, and a “container” that continued on, not just for months, but indefinitely. And, on a personal level, I wanted to figure out a way to remain deeply involved, committed to supporting and providing direct guidance for longer than the fixed term of our earlier programs. 

What I really wanted to do was gather and serve conscious business founders on a dramatically different level. To preserve the safety, impact and depth of connection and growth of our earlier immersive trainings, yet bring more people into the conversation in a way that was sustainable not just for months, but potentially for years and beyond. 

So, we placed our flagship Immersion program on hiatus this year, and spent all of 2016 developing a next generation experience.

It’s called...

What is The 108?

The 108 is something entirely new, a conscious business collective. It’s a new way to gather, to learn, to build, to grow, to share, to co-work, collaborate and rise together. To fuel meaning and impact on a level that is near-impossible to attain working alone. 

It is not an ever-expanding membership site, info-product, course or mass-scale event. It is not a social brand or platform or app. It’s not a training that ends, then sends you off to fend for yourself. It is an intimate, fiercely-devoted collective of mission-driven conscious business founders with a commitment to connection, expression, growth and impact. 

The 108 is a curated, intentional community limited to only 108 people, and it is application only. Once we hit our cap, the group will close and a waitlist will form for 2018 and beyond. Why 108, by the way? There is a very specific reason, I’ll explain in just a bit.

What do I get as one of The 108?

As a member of The 108, here’s what you’ll experience:

1. Annual 3-Day Deep-Dive Retreat.

Every February, you will be invited to join in a private 3-day Deep Dive retreat along with yor fellow108ers. The 2017 gathering was held in Austin, Texas and the experience was transformational on so many levels.

Our goal with the annual Deep Dive Retreat is to welcome the year with renewed focus, share innovative ideas, strategies, thought-processes, resources and solutions that lead to exponential growth and impact. And, to spend three restorative and transformational days coming together, cultivating new relationships and deepening old ones, going deep, hitting reset, sharing insights, telling stories, getting real, letting your shields down in a safe, all-in place and being human.  

Rather than just sitting for three days and being “spoken at,” much of our time is spent in conversation, in small groups exploring specific exercises, prompts and strategies. Some come from us, and we also invite members who are interested to help co-create the experience, share their own ideas, stories, case-studies, strategies, wisdom and expertise. And, because we believe business is personal, it’s bigger than just serving a need and making a buck (yes, those do matter, but they are not the sole metrics), the conversation and topics will also include the way the business you’re building or looking to build interacts with the values you hold dear, and the way you want to build your life.

During our time together, we also explore our commitment to a shared collective impact project. Ten-percent of our annual membership fees are allocated toward making this project happen.

Last thought - what if this sounds amazing, but you're not able to make some or all of the 3-day gathering or you've missed a recent annual retreat? We've got you covered. Check out all the details in the FAQ section further down the page. [Value: $6,000+/year]

2. Quarterly Working Sessions in NYC. 

In addition to the annual retreat, you’ll attend non-mandatory quarterly, intensive one-day Working Sessions in NYC. You are welcome to come to one, two or all three. We strongly recommend you attend at least one. 

The dates for 2017 Working Sessions are: 

  • May 5th, 2017
  • August 4th, 2017
  • November 10th, 2017 

When we come together, we will roll up our sleeves and do the work together in the room. It’s not about being lectured to, it’s about tapping the power of the collective to solve problems, craft ideas, initiatives and language and plan in real-time. The Working Sessions are your living laboratory. We will alternate between small group exercises, mind and heart-storming, and facilitated problem-solving where you’ll do the work “on,” not “in” your business, run experiments, and benefit from the real-time input of mentors and colleagues. 

And, for those who might not be able to travel, we will livecast the key elements of every Working Session in a private, interactive video conference and, of course, record and share them afterwards as well for later review. This way, even if you're not "physically" in the room, there's always a way to join in and get the benefit of everything covered. 

One last thing, the group that is coming together is so incredibly wise and generous, they're been working on ways to spent more time together every quarter, share knowledge and co-create, including adding one or two days of self-guided gathering on either side of these quarterly working sessions. [Value: $6,000+/year]

3. Ongoing Feedback and Support. 

It’s wonderful to be a part of a curated, likeminded and intentional community. It’s great to come together on a regular basis to be with each other, problem-solve and co-create. The collective power of the hearts and minds in this unique, massively generous and generative collective is astonishing. 

We wanted to create a way to be able to keep the conversation going in real-time, not just once a year at the retreat or during quarterly Working Sessions, but as often as you need. We also wanted to create a way for me to be available for regular input, to give feedback, share ideas, strategies, resources, solutions, connection and give input on copy, positioning, product, design and more. 

So, we’ve tapped a simple, yet powerful community platform and app to create a protected, private virtual communication hub for you and your colleagues in The 108. Beautiful thing about this is, it’ll take seconds to learn and allow us to segment conversations by topic areas for easy threading, tracking and searching. 

There are channels for things like copy, marketing, community-building, planning, product-development, design, collaboration, vitality, social, health, mindset, and more. I will be available for ongoing input on the “#JF Input” channel, where you’ll be able to share information and request specific feedback from me. I will check this focused thread regularly and answer every individual question the week it is posted, though it won’t be unusual for me to jump in during the week as well, and respond even faster. 

Our virtual hub is a fantastic way to deepen into the collective, find and offer tremendous value not just when we’re together in a room, but on any given day, wherever and whenever you need help most. And, for more relaxed, casual conversation, we also have a vibrant private Facebook group as well. This level of ongoing weekly, individual mind and heartshare is something I’ve never offered before. I’m so excited to be able to serve you on this level, not just for a short time, but for the lifetime of The 108. [Value: $10,000+/year]

4. Monthly Strategic Masterclasses.

I devour knowledge and am constantly testing and vetting ideas, strategies, tactics, copy, models, design, products and more in an effort to both source and create solutions that not only work from a dollars-and-cents standpoint, but also from a conscious business and human impact lens. 

Every month, I lead a strategy briefing into one specific high-leverage strategic, marketing or messaging “big lever,” meaning something that is designed to create exponential impact. I may also invite guest experts to share their genius, where and when appropriate during certain masterclasses. And, I also keep tabs on the needs of the collective and adjust the monthly curriculum to ensure tremendous value. Monthly masterclass times alternate between 12pm and 7pm EST in order to accommodate members in different time zones. They are also be recorded, so you never have to worry about missing out on the training content. [Value: $6,000+/year]

5. Bi-weekly Virtual Coworking Sessions.

Twice a month, I open a group video conference window for 2-hours for anyone who wants to stop by, brainstorm, problem-solve and help fellow 108ers as well. This is a fantastic time to not only bounce strategic questions, copy, positioning, resource needs and ideas off of me, but also for many of us to gather, say hi and have the ability to tap the collective brain trust in real-time. Similar to the Masterclasses, I will rotate members of our expert faculty in, and all working sessions alternate between 12pm and 7pm EST in order to accommodate members in different time zones and all are recorded and made available for later viewing. [Value: $8,000+/year]

6. Bi-weekly Small-group Masterminds.

We all work, take action and seek accountability and shared wisdom in different ways. Some of us are great at self-paced and individual learning and need no accountability other than their own commitment. Others benefit greatly from shared action-taking and accountability. So, we’ve created an opportunity to participate in smaller, self-guided mastermind groups of six or less people who are committed to meeting twice a month for two-hours at a time. While participation is not required, these more intimate "sub-groups" can be highly-valuable to provide accountability as well as deepen relationships. [Value: $4,000+/year]

7. You’ll be one of The 108.

You will become a part of an intimate collective of “tapped-in,” mission-driven founders, professionals and leaders who've been chosen not only based on shared values, but also by a proven record of action-taking and a fierce commitment to building something fueled by impact, whether a private practice, a global organization or game-changing product or service. Our guiding values: kindness, generosity, dignity, impact, action and love. 

My intention - that this will be a group that I will not only help guide, but also participate in, and that will be devoted to rising together to fuel a “legendary” level of collective growth and impact. The 108 is a place where you’ll be able to build real, lasting and supportive relationships among your fellow 108ers in a protected, confidential place. [Value: $6,000+/year]

On a deeper level...

As one of The 108, you’ll find yourself embraced by: 

  • Safety 
  • Support 
  • Guidance 
  • Growth 
  • Grace 

You’ll no longer be alone on the journey. You’ll have people. To hold you up. To hold you accountable. To guide and accelerate your path to growth. And to help you build not only a business, career or practice that makes a difference, but a life that truly matters. 

Who am I, anyway?

My name is Jonathan Fields. I'm a 51-year-old father, husband, serial entrepreneur, growth strategist, and an award-winning author. I am on a mission to inspire possibility. 

Since early 2012, I've been building mission-driven media and education venture, Good Life Project®, where my team and I lead a global community in the quest to live more meaningful, connected and vital lives. We produce a top-rated podcast and video-series with millions of listens and views in more than 150 countries, where I host conversations with the world’s leading voices, like Sir Ken Robinson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Milton Glaser, IDEO's Tom Kelley, PIXAR founder Ed Catmull, Brene Brown, Gretchen Rubin and hundreds more. Along with a world-class faculty, we also offer a growing catalog of events, trainings and courses.  

My new book, How to Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science and Practical Wisdom, is a wake-up call and a path to possibility. My last book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance was named the #1 personal development book of the year by 800 CEO READ. 

I've also been regularly featured in the media, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, FastCompany, Inc., Entrepreneur, USA Today, Real Simple, HOW, O Magazine, Self, Outside, Slate, Vogue, Elle, Allure, SELF, Yoga Journal, CNBC, Fox News, Today Show, PBS Nightly Business Report and thousands of other places that sound cool, but don’t impress my daughter all that much.

I'm grateful to have more than 1,000 unsolicited LinkedIn endorsements for entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy and small business, and speak globally for organizations and events of all sizes, from keynoting private meetings for clients like Paypal, GE, Novartis and twitter to taking the stage at mega-events like HOW Design Live, SXSW, World Domination Summit and many others.

Building conscious businesses and helping others do the same is in my blood. I've been helping people do that, in various ways for more than 15 years. You can read many of their stories, in their own words here. I can't wait to build our new conscious business collective with you and our fellow 108ers.

Why 108 People?

First, it’s an intimate enough group of people to develop real relationships, to become not just colleagues, but friends, collaborators, champions and be of genuine service to all. At the same time, it’s large enough to become a stunning, inclusive resource for nearly every need, desire and request, and serve as a powerful engine of growth. But, there’s something more. 

I tend to be a pretty practical, grounded person. But, there’s something immensely universal and resonant about this number. I first stumbled upon it in yoga. There are 108 postures in Ashtanga yoga. But, that’s just the beginning. 

There are 108 movements in long-form Tai Chi, 108 beads in a mala, 108 Bodhisattvas in Buddhism, 108 forms of dance in Indian tradition, 108 pressure-points in Ayurveda, and 54 beads in a rosary (times two is 108). One-oh-eight is a Harshad Number which, in Sanskrit, translates to “joy-giver,” and 108 lines of energy converge to form the heart chakra. The distance between the Earth and Sun is about 108 times the diameter of the Sun. The number exists across nearly every spiritual tradition, and has for thousands of years. And, just for the fun of it, there are 108 stitches on a major-league baseball, and in India 108 dials emergency. 

It represents something bigger, more expansive and connected than just us. That’s what I want to create. The thought of gathering, mentoring and helping to harness the hearts, brilliance and effort of 108 fiercely-devoted difference-makers, working not as participants in a “course,” but as members of an impact-driven collective, jamming, sharing, learning, solving, creating together...that thought, it makes my whole body smile. 

Though I haven’t made a big deal about it, I turned 50 last year. And, it’s made me increasingly aware of how I want to spend my time on the planet. Who I want to spend it with. And how. 

At this point, this is how I want to be spending my time. Intimate, engaged, committed, connected. Alive. Serving 108 beacons. Utterly lit up. Not as solitary lights. But together. One-hundred and eight living, breathing Northern Lights, flooding the world. Making a difference on a level and at a speed that’d be near impossible (and tons less fun) to do alone. That’s what I’m creating. This is your invitation to apply.

What's the investment and timing?

This really excites me. Our now-retired GLP Immersion program was a $15,000 investment, plus travel which came in at closer to $20,000. Our two and three-day live programs are $5,000-$7,000. Every intensive program we’ve ever offered has generated 400%-500% more applicants than available spots. The 108 is no different. In just the first 3 months, we had more than 450 applications and have just over 80 accepted members as of the middle of February. 

Membership in The 108 includes: 

  • Annual 108 3-Day Retreat 
  • Quarterly Live Working Sessions in NYC 
  • Monthly interactive masterclasses 
  • Bi-weekly virtual coworking sessions 
  • Ongoing virtual community/app feedback and support
  • Optional small-group masterminds
  • Membership in the 108 community

The total value of each individual element of The 108 (based on actual market response to past offerings with similar elements) is $46,000/year. As a founding member of The 108, you will invest only a fraction of that. Once accepted, your dues are only $1,950/quarter. Your initial commitment ($7,800 total over 12-months) is for the full year.

Why the one-year commitment? We’re not looking to build a community of dabblers or shiny-object chasers. The one-year commitment lets you know that you and your fellow 108ers are all-in, committed to honoring the sanctity, honesty and depth of your relationships. To helping each other rise not just for days or weeks, but for the long-term. 

This “founding-member only” dues level, by the way, represents a $3,000 reduction from expected non-founder dues levels ($10,800), if and when spots become available again in mid-2018. This level will be locked in for as long as you remain a founding member.  

After your first year, your membership will roll into automated quarterly dues payments. If at any point after your one-year commitment you feel like moving on, just let us know 30-days before your next quarterly billing date. Your membership will be terminated as of the end of the current quarter, we’ll transition you out of the community and then offer your spot to the next member-in-waiting. 

If, at some point after you’ve left, you seek to rejoin, out of fairness to others who’ve been waiting, you’d be placed back on the waitlist and return as a new member when an opening is available (likely mid to late 2018) at the current non-founder dues, which are expected to return to $10,800 as soon as we hit the founder cap and begin to waitlist applicants. 

When should I apply? 

Applications are now open!

As of February 20th, we only have about 25 spots that remain open. We've had more than 450 applications already and more new applications continue to come in.  

While The 108 community and core experience rolls out, we will continue to review applications, welcome new members, get everyone settled and extend offers to become founding members until we reach our cap. Whether that is a few more weeks or longer, we cannot say right now. But, at this pace, we do not want to promise that there will be spaces available for those who wait much longer. 

If you want to be one of the 108 founding members, and set up your 2017 to thrive in business and life on an entirely different level, we’d encourage you to apply as soon as possible. We will continue to consider applications, on a first-come, first-served basis and invite new members until we hit our 108-person founder cap. At that point, enrollment will close and we will begin to build our waitlist for 2018. 

How you'll apply...

Simply click on the APPLY NOW button and complete your application. 

Once we receive your application, we’ll review it and get back to you generally within one week to share preliminary thoughts on fit and, if it makes sense, schedule an inteview so that we might both have a chance to get to know each other better and ask questions. I'm also happy to share more about the make-up of the current membership during this conversation. 

As with everything we do, it’s never about selling, it is always about fit. It needs to feel absolutely right for both of us, on all levels. Even if we’ve worked together or known each other in the past, the application process will help us get a better understanding of what you’re focusing on at this moment in time and how The 108 might be able to help. 

There is no obligation in applying. If this feels like something that will add great value to the way you contribute to the world, the career or venture you’re looking to grow and to your life, please complete your application for membership now. 

Together, we'll make 2017 our year to gather and grow!

Here’s how you’ll apply...

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you! 

With a whole lot of love & gratitude,


Frequently Asked Questions...


Simple, it is any endeavor, from a private-practice to a foundation to a for-profit venture that:

  • Serves as vehicle for the full-expression and development of the people within the venture (even if it’s just one person or practitioner, a/k/a you)
  • Offers deeply valuable solutions to its customers and is committed to serving from a place of kindness, compassion and delight AND…
  • Makes a difference on a bigger level, serving as an engine of impact that expands beyond the company and its immediate customers. 

A conscious business might be a therapy or coaching practice. Or it could be a company or organization driven to deliver a product, while also investing fiercely in a culture of kindness and growth and allocating a portion of profits to sustainability. The permutations are endless, but at it’s heart, it’s about creating something that allows us all to flourish personally and professionally, while doing good and creating an impact-ripple that moves out into the world.


We look, first and foremost for people who are building conscious businesses. Beyond that, a shared ethos, a desire to lead with generosity, compassion, service, and respect is critical. Honesty, integrity and the drive to uplift, rather than take down are key, along with a willingness to act and a track record that demonstrates an ability to get out of your head and make things happen. Dreams are important, but this is about enabling and accelerating not just thinking and learning, but action and impact.

We’re also looking for members who’ll bring a healthy cross-section of expertise and operating capabilities, so that much of the guidance and services needed by any one member may be found within the collective itself. While we’re open to those in the beginning stages of a venture, it is important that each member also bring a very real level of experience in some form of business and career. 

From a resources standpoint, it is important that the membership fees do not provide any level of financial hardship. All members of the collective should be in a position to invest not just in participation in the community, but also in the growth of their endeavors and themselves.

Finally, we’re looking to bring together a beautifully diverse community, so that we may all benefit from a rich exchange of experiences, cultures and identities. To that end, we expect all members to hold themselves open to different worldviews, backgrounds and experiences, conduct themselves in a professional, respectful manner and treat others with dignity and kindness. Racism, sexism, discrimination, disrespectful, disruptive or hateful behavior or speech will not be tolerated under any circumstance.


We've got you covered if you're unable to make some or all of it. 

For those who cannot make it to the annual 3-day Deep Dive Retreat, we've created a special alternative way to both be able to access all the critical sessions, information and exercises AND get introduced around to the group and more easily find your people and get settled.

First, we film all of the key sessions, all three days. Then, we post the video in a private folder for easy access and download. In that same folder, we also post all documents, slides, exercises and anything else needed to "do the work" to quickly get on the same page with those who attended live.

Second, we introduce you into the online community, as we would everyone else in the group, and add you to the full directory of 108ers. Then, in order to help you more easily find your way into the community and begin to build meaningful relationships, we'll hook you up with a 108 Buddy. This is someone who is a current member, who'll jump on a private call or video chat, get to know you a bit, then help introduce you around and get settled.

Finally, during the 3-day event, we also livecast it in a private Zoom video meeting, so that anyone who is already in, but just can't make part or all of the days might still have a chance to jump in and join in virtually at different times, engage with the content and activities and even interact a bit through the platform.

While it may take a bit of extra work to get up to speed and jamming with our amazing community, we'll take care of you along the way and once you're settled, it'll be a great experience for all!


In a word, no. The 108 is, first and foremost, a fiercely committed, intentional community. It’s a collective of likeminded conscious business founders and builders who are all-in, here to do the work and help each other rise. We are not looking to build an experience where people are constantly trying it out, giving up when things get hard, chasing other shiny objects and bouncing between a million different programs, courses and more. 

To make it what it needs to be, we need to create a safe container, where members can get to know each other over time, go deep, be vulnerable, get real and develop long-term relationships that let us understand how best to do our best work and help our fellow 108ers do the same. That cannot happen if we allow folks to constantly “kick the tires” of the experience, and move in and out with ease, rather than really understanding what we’re about, then making a deliberate, reasoned decision before saying yes. 

So, no, we do not offer refunds, because we’re not looking to cultivate a transient, “just checking it out,” refund-driven culture. If you’re more of a dabbler, short-hit participant than a committed doer, that’s fine, but The 108 is not going to be a fit for either of us. And, we’d rather get that out of the way up front.

If you have any other questions, email [email protected]