Melissa and A.J. Leon On Misfit Inc. Changing The World

Melissa and A.J. Leon were doing everything right….until it all fell apart. Four days before their wedding!

High-school sweethearts, Melissa had become a much-loved teacher in Spanish Harlem and A.J. was a rising star in one of the world’s leading consulting firms. But, along the way, A.J. had become a shell of who he really was. And, both of them were feeling the pain.

As A.J. shares in this episode, he knew…

“If I didn’t leave that job right then and there, I was going to be that dude for the rest of my life. “Click to tweet

What began as a shock to the system led them both out of their current careers and into an extraordinary life of boots-on-the-ground philanthropy, world-travel, entrepreneurship, service and the opportunity to be with each other as they built an extraordinary new venture – Misfit, Inc.

In this episode we dive deep into that moment of reckoning, how they got through it together, and what this unusual blended-mission company they’re building is all about.

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